Review: Edinburgh Zoo

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Excursion: Edinburgh Zoo, Edinburgh

Date: May 20th 2016


Edinburgh Zoo is very well maintained and is home to a wide variety of animals. Each enclosure has a lot of information to be read about the animals which is fantastic and you can learn some very interesting facts. At the centre of Edinburgh Zoo, where the Penguins are located their is a few shops where you can buy some food and drinks as well as play area for kids. The sad thing is a lot of the food stores were closed. We did find that a lot of the enclosures were empty too which was disappointing.

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Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo
Penguins ready for a swim


Edinburgh Zoo is very easy to get to and their is plenty of parking. Further more their is a Holiday Inn right beside the Zoo if you need a place to spend the night. Loads off buses also run past Edinburgh Zoo, some being Service 12, 26 and 31.

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The overall cost of the Zoo isn’t that bad and is pretty average for similar attractions throughout Scotland. Ticket prices are as follows from 03/04/07 are :- Adults vary from £17-£19, Child 3-15 years vary from £12.50-£14.55 and child under 3 years are free. If parking your car at the Zoo there is a £4 parking charge that can only be paid in cash.

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View of Edinburgh from Edinburgh Zoo
View of Edinburgh from Edinburgh Zoo


Edinburgh Zoo is one of the capitals biggest attractions so is visited by all kinds of people. You will tend to find families on day trips but tourists are also fond of visiting the Zoo.

The Panada at Edinburgh Zoo is a huge tourist attraction
The Panada at Edinburgh Zoo is a huge tourist attraction

My favourite part

I loved that Panda’s are now at Edinburgh Zoo. Panda’s are such beautiful animals which not a lot of people know about so its good them being their and the staff doing live talks on them because it will help educate the visitors. Secondly seeing wee Travis’s face when he seen ‘Pingu’ in real life. He was over the moon, therefor making the trip all the more worth it.

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Edinburgh Zoo
Up close and personal

My least favourite part

Unfortunately I have been to Edinburgh Zoo many times over the years and its sad to see that slowly they are getting rid of big profile animals such as the polar bear, elephants and also some big cats. These animals, especially the Polar Bear wont be around too much longer in my opinion so its sad that young kids/adults who maybe haven’t seen this magnificent animal don’t get the chance to see and learn about it.

The viewpoint at Edinburgh Zoo
The viewpoint at Edinburgh Zoo

Have you been to Edinburgh Zoo?

A family fun day at Edinburgh Zoo #travel
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You should check out Edinburgh Zoo when you are in Scotland #travel #familytravel
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