How you can become an English tutor while you travel

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More and more people are wondering how they can make money while they travel. One of the most suprising ways to to become and English tutor. You can be a private tutor, or you can teach English through an agency or school. Either way tuition jobs are a really important way that travellers can make money while they travel.

Online English tutor

One of the most flexible ways is to teach English online. There are a number of ways to do this but the most common are the following;

– Teach for an online school.

– Sign up to a website where the students can find you and take lessons with you.

– Find some freelance work in teaching English to a few select clients.

Teach for an online school

This is by far the most stable option. You get hired by the school, commit to a certain number of hours per week and then those are yours. You can usually get overtime, depending on which company you go for, but you are pretty much guaranteed a certain wage every month. Typically these schools want you to have a Degree and an English Teaching certifiate.

English tutor

Some of the best schools to try are DadaABC, VIPKID and 51talk. I personally have a friend who works for DadaABC and loves it. I applied and missed out on the job because I did not sit up straight enough during my demo lesson. They are pretty strict with how they want you to act so please take everything they say seriously. Click here to apply for DadaABC using my friends link.

Sign up to a website where the students can find you and take lessons with you

This is a great option if you want things to be much more flexible. You can open up slots which appear to the students who then book time with you. This way you have to attract the students yourself. You can lower your tuition rate or make a great introductory page and video to attract people to you, but it may not be as reliable as working for an online school. One of our favourite places to do online English tutoring like this is through Preply.

Find some freelance work in teaching English to a few select clients

It is also possible to find freelance tuition jobs. If you put ‘English tutor’ into any of the freelancing websites you are bound to find something. Sites like Upwork and Freelancer are the best place to look for Freelance work but you can also earn clients through word-of-mouth too. Finding tuition jobs in this way can be a little less stable because potentially clients can leave you and suspend your services whenever they wish, unless of course you make some kind of contract with them.

Become a physical tuition teacher

Teaching in person is another option on how to become a tuition teacher. If you want to be an English tutor this should not be too difficult because many countries are seeking people to teach English. You can usually teach in the following ways;

– Work for a school.

– Become a teacher for a private company.

– Become an AuPair who specialises in teaching English.

Work for a school

English tutor

The most common way people use tuition jobs to travel is by becoming an English teacher in another country. Asia usually always seeking English teachers to come and teach in their schools. Often in return for this you earn a monthly wage, get your flights paid to the country you need to go to and often you get free accommodation and some meals too. Many companies that help you get TEFL qualified will also help you find your first teaching job abroad.

Become a teacher for a private company

This is one of the most interesting ways to be an English tutor while you travel. You can work for a private company who do all the work to bring in students. They manage to find people who want to learn from you and all you have to do is sign up and tell them when you are available to teach for them. A great company you can tutor with in Singapore are Smile Tutor. The great thing is you do not actually have to only teach to tutoring English. You can choose from a variety of subjects that you are a master in and be a tuition teacher for any of those. To apply to tutor with Smile Tutor click here.

Become an AuPair who specialises in teaching English

One thing I have noticed is that many AuPairs are not brought on because the family do not have time to take care of their children, usually it is because they want their child to learn a second language. This is a way you can travel to another country, have a stable home, meals and a host family while teaching English to children.

English tutor

None of these lines of work for you? Check out our list of ways you can travel the world as a remote worker.

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