Everything you need to know to get started on Flipboard

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Flipboard is one of the newest crazes for bloggers who want to share their articles. I first heard of it when someone shared an article I wrote for another website to Flipboard and it went viral. Since then I began to gain interest in it and learnt for myself get started on Flipboard, and now I am here to share that with you.

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First you need to download the app, or sign up on your desktop computer.

What is Flipboard?

Flipboard is basically the new, cool way to have your own magazine in the palm of your hands, wherever you go. You can constantly keep it updated with new material to read whenever you want. The great thing about your magazines is YOU pick what you put in them too. So no more adverts, no more useless articles. If you want a magazine that consists only of articles about Walkerburn in Scotland, then so be it.

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get started on Flipboard
You can create you own digital magazines

You can create more than one magazine, to suit your varied interests, your choices are unlimited. You can follow other people, follow their magazines and add their articles to your magazines.

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How to start

To start download the app or open it in a new window on desktop. Sign up like you would for any other social page. Change you name to something that links your new Flipboard profile to the rest of your social pages and website. You can find all of this by clicking your profile picture in the top and going into your account.

get started with Flipboard
Use your brand name

For example we are @meldrumsonthemo as we couldn’t have the full thing. Our actual name on Flipboard is Meldrums On The Move, so it is easy to tell.

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get started on Flipboard
Stay branded

Add a bio. This should tie in with your slogan or bio in other places. We always say we are ‘Living life our way’ and that we help ‘make family travel cheaper, easier and more enjoyable’ so that is how we branded ourselves here too.

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Create some magazines

You need to start adding relevant magazines. We have magazines about travel, family travel, blogging and reviews. We have just created a group magazine for our Blogging Engagement Group that you can join (click here.)

get started with Flipboard
Blogging Engagement Group magazine

If you create a magazine with a good name, especially one that has one of the indexed topic names in it then you will likely get better exposure. To add stuff to your magazine you can use a plugin that allows you to add to Flipboard. I use add to any which allows me to do it super quickly. You can add another catchy description when you add something.

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You can also search to find articles relating to your interests to add to your magazines.

get started with Flipboard
Search for something

Click the hashtags at the bottom to explore that topic. The ones above are from people you already followed or liked. This is a little confusing and a bit annoying but just ignore it and go down.

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get started with Flipboard
Find something you like

Give the article a heart to like it. This notifies the person who put it there so your name now pops up to them. I got a few hearts from giving them to others. Use the + sign to add it to one of your magazines.

Get some fans

You can find people from your contacts to follow.

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get started with Flipboard
Search your social to see who uses Flipboard

If you click to follow then your friends will likely follow you back – yay! You can also just ask people to follow you through your other social media sites. You can go into a magazine and use the share button (the square box with an up arrow) to send it through text, upload it online and so on. Have a Flipboard button on your site too.

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Flipboard is a social network so get social. The best way to gain fans and get known is to like other peoples stuff and comment on their articles and magazines.

Promote your best work

You can choose an article to promote to the cover of your magazine. You want your cover to be attractive so pick your best one and hold down on that article page until a popup comes. Then select promote to cover. You can also do this for articles that you want to be seen more.

I hope this is enough to get started with Flipboard!

Everything you need to know to get started on Flipboard
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