Excuses to get out of work – Are you a busy idiot?

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So many people who run their own businesses convince themselves that their excuses to get out of work are legitimate. They consider themselves to be really busy. A lot of reading, listening and accepting got me to a place where I realized I was a busy idiot.

My days used to be really scattered, struggling to find people to talk to. Posting carelessly on social media. Scrolling pages of posts looking for a sign that someone needed me. Throw in being a mother, having a job and a home to take care of… You got it. I was STRESSED. This meant each day was very scrambled and a lot of my time was wasted thinking about what I could do, not actually doing it.

excuses to get out of work
Busy old me

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Cut out the crap

I watched a video by my mentor, who asked me to really think about how much time I spent doing money-making activities. The result… hours less than I actually felt busy! I began to read more into this and I recently started to read The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. This is a real eye opener! He talks in this book about cutting out the activities you use to keep yourself busy. Ask yourself, if you only had an hour what would you do? It really got me thinking. What activities are most important and what would best benefit me if I done it in that hour.

excuses to get out of work
Another day at the office

If you focus on these really important activities only you really free up a whole lot of time.

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When I started my business I was far from organised. I was always finding excuses to get out of work. Even now I could do much better than I am. It is really important for me to talk to you about organisation and planning because it plays a huge role in success. You know now what activities are important, you need to pencil those in the diary. This give you a set time to work on them. This was something my mentor taught me… she schedules ‘power hours’ three times a day when it comes to recruitment in her network marketing business.

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This really struck me. I had been spending hours scrolling social media looking for people to talk to. What if I had planned a time to do this, so I wasn’t wasting hours a day? I’d have had so much more time to work on other activities and have more time with my family. Find out what works for you and plan that in the diary. Know who you are going to talk to, and when. This also helps to keep you accountable if you do not do the activity you planned for yourself.

excuses to get out of work
My office

There are so many excuses to get out of work. Try to break these bad habits and think of ways you can cut down on wasted time, but to me these are the most important. Try to really take these on board, and you will see a huge reduction in stress and wasted time… you won’t be that busy idiot any more.


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