Social networking sites – Why Facebook is still the king

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There are a large number of social networking sites to choose from in today’s world. Many people believe that Facebook is starting to lose its edge and that people are moving to the newer, cooler, Instagram and Snapchat. While it is true that Instagram and Snapchat users are growing, Facebook is still just as powerful as it always has been and is the king of social networking sites (even if that isn’t true for organic reach.)

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In 2015, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook had reached a new height it beating its own records. In one single day Facebook had had over 1 billion active users log in to communicate with their friends. That means that 1 in 7 people logged into the site to network. These numbers are astonishing but they are not the only reason Facebook is king.

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Facebook pages

Facebook allows users to create pages. Any one user can make and run multiple pages from one account, easily switching between them. The main account will receive notifications for these pages meaning you never miss a thing!

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This is very powerful for people who run more than one business, or whose business requires more than one page. Twitter and Instagram require you to make an account for each business and log in and out of each account to check the next – time consuming and easy enough to forget about one if you are in a hurry.

Facebook group

The Facebook group is growing in popularity due to some very interesting and important features. The group is similar to a page, you can create as many as you wish. The great thing with a group though is it actually notifies members when something new is going on. They are more likely to see what you have posted and more likely to react and engage with it! This is true for mobile users too; they see a notification on their home screen telling them to check out what is happening.

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social networking sites

Facebook group can also be made secret so that only certain people can find your group. This keeps it exclusive and a place where you can share openly without your audience without the fear of spam messages or trolling.


Facebook allows you to make creative and engaging posts from your pages. The added bonus is Facebook allows you to pay to boost these posts and target them to specific audiences. Boosted posts appear in front of many, many more people than those who like your page, or are your friend, so your reach is much wider.

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There is also an Ads Manager option where you can go in and make ads that appear in different places on Facebook, so not just as a ‘Sponsored’ post which appears in people’s timelines. These ads can take pride of place in the right column on Facebook, really standing out!

social networking sites

Facebook offers much more than the above, you can get really detailed insights into how your posts and page are performing and this even mentions comparisons to pages similar to your own. This is really helpful as it allows you to see what posts are working the best for you so you can focus on those in the future.

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It is true that social media is expanding, and other platforms are becoming really powerful for your internet marketing efforts too, but Facebook should always be considered your number 1 priority when considering social networking sites. If you aren’t on Facebook, go and sin up now. You are missing out on so much by waiting.

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Social networking sites - Why Facebook is still the king #facebook
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The king of all the social networking sites #facebook
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