The most inspiring new family travel blogs to follow in 2017

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There are a million travel blogs out there on the internet. The number of family travel blogs out there is increasing too so how should you know who to follow? That is why we put together this list of our favourite and most inspiring family travel blog 2017.

Everybody has written a little bit about their own blog, hence the variation in length and wording.

Our top two…

We really love to follow Alyson and her family at World Travel Family

We also enjoy following along with Mark and his families travels at Wyld Family Travel

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The most inspiring family travel blogs to follow in 2017…

Travels with Tots

Travels With Tots is a family blog that offers fun tips, suggestions and ideas for making the most out of the time with your little ones.  From day trip suggestions to travel ideas and even fun at home, Travels with Tots is a great place to look for family fun inspiration. We have weekly features like, Travel Tip Tuesday, and, Theme Park Thursday, that will help you feel inspired to take your little ones everywhere (especially Disney World, one of our fav places). We hope you’ll follow along and join us on our adventures!

family travel blog 2017 travels with tots


The Educational Tourist

The Educational Tourist teaches parents how to travel the globe seeing things grow ups want to see while making it fun and educational for the kids. Tips on everything from getting infants through security easily to where to stay in Turkey and activity books for the kids!! The Educational Tourist is a former teacher who travels with her two kids all over!

family travel blog 2017 the educational tourist


Love Laugh Caribbean 

We are a blended family of five. I have two children, Zack age 17 and Madi age 15 and my boyfriend Jim has one daughter, Holly age 9. We love to travel and explore. We firmly believe that kids need experiences over material things. We have been traveling together since 2012 and I have been blogging for a little less than a year. My blog is focused on family travel but occasionally we do a solo trip without the kiddos. We love the water, we snorkel, Scuba dive and swim. We are all adrenaline junkies and are up for most anything.

family travel blog 2017 love laugh caribbean7


Family. Travel. Life

When my husband suggested we move us and our three kids from the US to Sweden, I thought he was nuts! I took the leap of faith though, and I’m so glad I did! We have since been living here (mostly) happily since 2016. This journey has taught us so much about ourselves, our family, and our lives. We decided to start a blog in order to share our thoughts and experiences with the world. Our blog is aptly called Family. Travel. Life. because we blog about everything from the extracurriculars our kids have joined here in Sweden, the differences we’ve noticed between cultures, our experiences (and funny mistakes) while learning a new language, our fantastic travels throughout Scandinavia and Europe, and even what it’s like living with anxiety and depression even when life is great. You’re sure to find something to inspire you, motivate you, or to relate to!

family travel blog 2017 family travel life


Midwest Family Traveler

Seventeen years ago I started working as a freelance writer and as my second assignment I was sent on a trip by my editor. I was hooked. I loved being able to see new places and bring my family along to explore. At that time I was a mom of a 5-year-old and an almost 1-year-old. I’m now the mom of five boys – ages 23, 18, 15, 13 and 12 and we’ve done countless trips throughout the Midwest and beyond. I love sharing the special spots we’ve seen, the roads less traveled and the hidden gems in towns small and large. I’ve heard people say that the only thing you can buy that truly makes you richer is travel – and I couldn’t agree more. Making memories with my family is far more valuable than anything money can buy.

family travel blog 2017 midwest family traveller


Marcie In Mommyland

I’m a Seattle-area stay-at-home mom to my 3-year-old son Owen and baby Hugo. Travel is very important to our family and we make it a priority to expose our kids to a variety of activities and cultures. It’s been a lot of fun for our family because it has slowed down our pace and we’ve noticed new things in places we frequent.

I started Marcie in Mommyland because people are always telling me I’m so “brave” for traveling with a baby or toddler and they want to know how I do it. After countless emails and Facebook messages, I finally realized it would be much simpler to consolidate everything into a blog. It’s so much fun to write about our adventures and get inspired to explore new places!

The purpose of my blog is to share some of the tips and tricks that we’ve learned on our adventures so that families can set themselves up for success! It can be intimidating to think about going anywhere with your baby or toddler. And one bad experience can leave a lasting mark. Marcie in Mommyland is here to help you troubleshoot and find the right adventure for you and your family.

family travel blog 2017 marcie in mommyland


Growing A Pair

We’re Growing a Pair!  Growing a pair of little world adventurers.  In 2015-2016 we dropped everything to take our kids backpacking for a year.  We travelled by plane, train and tuk-tuk across Asia and Australia, making lifelong memories and becoming immensely close as a family.  Now we’ve got a taste for family travel adventure.  We don’t want to stop there.  So we have bought a sailing boat and we plan to live aboard and sail around the world.  As complete sailing newbies, we have never sailed before and we know nothing about boats, so this should be an interesting journey and a steep learning curve!  Follow our successes and failures as we buy our sailing boat, learn to sail and plan our trip around the globe.  We want to inspire more families to get out there and see the world with their kids.  Whether it’s with a backpack, an RV, a sailing boat or on family vacations, the world is waiting for you.  Go on!  Grow some little adventurers!

family travel blog 2017 growing a pair


Wanderlust and Wet Wipes

I’m Emma, mum to 2 mostly adorable but quite crazy (and a bit irritating) young kids, married to a travel mad husband.

Pre-kids we were pretty adventurous and, since having them, I think we have continued the spirit to a point (Houston-Malta- London was our first trip with a 9 week old baby) but we have had some fails mixed in with the wins – we’re still learning! We have a backpack from pre-kid travelling which comes on holiday but our days of rocking up without a plan are a distant memory. For a long time we felt we were missing the balance that met our needs as well as the children’s. We still miss the feeling of community from travelling – sharing experiences with others to inspire the next trip.

We know people who love globetrotting with a backpack and a kid (or 5) in tow and others who love their all-inclusive packages but none of that works for us right now. The great thing about holidays is what works for one won’t work for another. 

Wanderlust and Wet Wipes has itineraries for the places we have been / are going, some dos and don’ts and planning tips. We stay in a variety of places so there is something for everyone. We help balance the old life with the new so a holiday with the kids is a holiday from which you come home feeling refreshed and relaxed instead of frazzled and mildly disappointed.

family travel blog 2017 wanderlust and wet wipes

Travel With Jess

I don’t travel with my kids so that I can stand around bored at playgrounds in every country.  Let me know show you that once you become a parent, that holidays can still be fun.  You can absolutely still go on adventures and explore the world as you did before.

I am Jessica.  I am a mother of two and a wife.  I am also a freelance travel writer, a blogger, and an obsessive traveller and photographer.

My bucket list is larger than my purse so I often include information on keeping costs down in a particular destination.  I only write about and recommend what I have personally seen and experienced.

I hope that by sharing my experience and stories, that I can inspire you to go on your own family adventures!

family travel blog 2017 travel with jess


Kid Bucket List

The Kid Bucket List is based on the basic premise that travel is more than just a plane trip. Leah and her family seek out opportunities to learn and discover every day in their own backyard, their city and afar. From milking a cow to catching yabbies; visiting shrines to exploring museums; this family have developed the ultimate Kid Bucket List and want YOU to play along too!
family travel blog 2017 kid bucket list

Magnets From Everywhere

Jessica started Magnets from Everywhere after quitting her job as an engineer and moving to California for her husband’s work. Her blog is all about her love of travel and her quest to collect magnets from each destination around the world. She now stays home with HJ and K (3 and 2) and orchestrates outdoor adventures and language opportunities for them. Whenever she has a spare second she turns her dreams outward and imagines traipsing the globe with her family. They have already taken the kids to Thailand, Canada, the Caribbean, and across the US several times. They have trips to Hawaii and the UK planned for 2017. China is on the family calendar for 2018 and Jessica has booked a solo trip to Sweden. Check out her blog for lots on hiking and the beaches in California, family travel within the US (including Hawaii and Alaska), as well as a growing list of other destinations. Also, follow along as she pursues her quest to raise trilingual children who speak English, Spanish, and Mandarin. She is passionately committed to utilizing all the resources available in the 21st century to prepare them to live and travel in a connected global world.
family travel blog 2017 magnets from everywhere

5 Lost Together

We are a Canadian family of five that blog about our adventures traveling the world and living overseas as expats. When I was a teenager, my parents pulled us out of school and we sailed to the Bahamas. This year-long adventure turned me on to travel and opened my eyes to alternative ways of living. Before kids, my husband and I did lots of traveling and vowed that we would continue to travel with our kids. We believe there is no one right way to travel with your kids. We have done trips to Disney World, we have backpacked in India and Nicaragua and we have sailed around the Bahamas for five months to name a few of our adventures. We have also been fortunate to live and work overseas as expats with our kids in Malaysia, and our current home in Australia. I feel really strongly about the power of travel to teach our kids and develop world citizens. I write candidly about the good and the bad of family travel and hope to inspire and motivate more families to travel wider and deeper.
family travel blog 2017 5 lost together

Momma To Go

Momma To Go is an online lifestyle magazine focused on travel, fitness and parenting. Here you can find great travel tips, reviews of hotels and destinations, ideas on family activities, fitness advice, parenting stories, and much more. Momma To Go is written by Harmony Skillman; world traveler, mother runner and aspiring writer. Harmony is a former math teacher, current math tutor and momma to baby girl, age 5.5 and little man, 8. Together, along with her husband they love to travel near and far. Their favorite family destinations are SW Florida, North Carolina and Atlantic City, New Jersey. Harmony also writes about solo travel (of which she is a big fan), and her travels with her husband and extended family. An avid runner, to date she has completed three half marathons and many other races. Harmony also enjoys golf, hot sauce and claims the beach as her natural habitat.
family travel blog 2017 momma to go

World Trip Diaries

‘This blog tells the stories of a Brazilian-Kiwi family of 6 (kids ranging from 5 to 13 years old), traveling the world since April 2017. We’ve covered New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, and Canada so far.
Our goal is to finish the first round-the-world by the end of 2018 but it’s still too far to have it all planned! I think it’s realistic because we don’t really like to travel too fast.
We’re digital nomads, unschoolers (mostly), foodies, a bit nerdy, techies. We travel on one income, so we’re also budget travelers. It’s just about the places, the ups and downs, and everything about the life of a traveling family. ‘
family travel blog 2017 world trip diaries

I Love Paars

Hi again! I’m Lee Rosales a Travel and Lifestyle Blogger from Manila Philippines. I aim to encourage all Mommas to have a me-time again and also travel the world with their partner/spouse/family especially with their kids. My kid and I started reviewing hotels in the Philippines almost every year and this year we started our journey on traveling abroad. We traveled around Australia and Singapore for 4 weeks and we totally enjoyed it. Traveling with young children is pretty hard. From packing your/their clothes and checking the places you will go to if it is kid-friendly and safe for kids. Hard but fun because you get to share the same happiness you get from traveling with your kid.
family travel blog 2017 i love paars

Love, Laughter & Luggage

Love, Laughter, and Luggage is a family travel blog with a focus on U.S. destinations.  We highlight places and activities families can do together.  We also enjoy historic locations and national and state parks. We’ve just returned from Gettysburg, Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, and the Smoky Mountains.
family travel blog 2017

Nomads With A Purpose

We are an adventure travel blog with a mission of inspiring others to travel more and teach people how to live happier and healthier lives through our Playful Life books and courses. A Playful Life centers around daily movement and exercise, eating good food, and creating a motivated mindset to help people live their lives to the fullest
family travel blog 2017

World Of Travels With Kids

World of Travels with Kids are a multicultural bilingual family of 4 who love adventures globally and locally. They inspire families to get out and explore their local area but also hope to portray that adventure is just one part of a vibrant, healthy lifestyle. They believe don’t have to travel internationally to create awesome learning experiences for kids; that said, they do seem to be flying off with frequency!!! They have lots of useful posts about how to visit their home countries of Peru, Nicaragua and Western Australia; most of the posts specifically talk about visiting with kids.

They aim promote living conscious, sustainable lifestyles with a minimal global footprint and aim to raise international citizens with compassion for all humanity.

World of Travels are an honest family travel blog that focuses on blogging about what they know and love! They write authentically and naturally – they are ‘real’ travellers and review places and hotels that they know well. Last year’s holiday took them to Bali, this year has them heading to Fiji.

family travel blog 2017


Going Where The Wind Blows

At Going Where The Wind Blows you can meet the Sullivan family. Mum – Samantha, Dad – Paul and their four children aged 4 to 11 years old – Jack, Tom, Lily and George. The Sullivan family sold their house in New Zealand in March 2016 and have been travelling very slowly since, visiting Kuala Lumpur , Malta, Gran Canaria and the United Kingdom. The Sullivan’s are British and New Zealand passport holders who have also lived in Australia.

Their blog shares the highs and lows of travelling with a larger than average family. Discover how they cope with the additional challenges of Asperger’s, and multiple food and environmental allergies and intolerance’s. The family embraces a natural learning approach to education, which fits well with their mobile lifestyle. Their aim is to explore the world at their own pace for as long as possible. No future plans to settle down and buy a house again. The ultimate dream is to one day own a catamaran and sail the world, visiting one port at a time!

family travel blog 2017

Nahdz Adventures

My Name is Nahdia and I have a passion for travelling with my two boys. Travelling is so important because it introduces us to different cultures and lifestyles. Travelling to me is more than a holiday. Travelling is the experience. Last year the boys and I managed to travel 6 times! Yes, well they travelled 4 times and I travelled 6. I think it so important for our health and well being that we make sure we stay happy and healthy and for me that means taking time out to travel with friends.

Last year the boys were fortunate to travel to Cyprus, Corfu, Ireland and Disneyland Paris. I promote affordable travel. I don’t stay in fancy hotels. I find deals on Groupon and book in advance. This year we have been to South France with Eurocamp and plan to visit Croatia and Cuba!! Follow us for tips, inspiration and affordable travel ideas.

family travel blog 2017

Wagoners Abroad

Heidi and Alan Wagoner are passionate about travel (50+ countries) and both authors of the popular travel blog Wagoners Abroad. In Aug 2012, they left the “perfect American life”, quit their jobs, sold their belongings, and moved to Southern Spain, with their 2 kids (Lars and Anya). They also spent a year as nomads exploring Southeast Asia. Spain is their home base and they continue to embrace the world and different cultures. They have inspired hundreds of people to visit Spain and helped many actually move to Spain as well. They are a true source of inspiration and proof you can make your dreams come true. Follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and many of the other social media channels.
family travel blog 2017

No Beaten Path

No Beaten Path is a blog about travel, home education and general adventuring, with the odd rant thrown in for good measure. A family of nomads, we are currently based in Istanbul but have been lucky enough have been based in six different countries over time and have travelled to dozens of others.

Writing about home education (also known as home schooling) there is a focus on organisation and education needs for older students, middle and high schoolers. As well as chronicling our own learning adventures I write articles such as university entry requirements in different countries for home educated students.

Travel posts range from why you should consider going to the public baths in Japan to how to enjoy a day out in Münster, Germany. Look for specific information or just read through for entertainment- I try to make it both! Whether you are a always on the road or a family that prioritizes travel and fits it in to a ‘normal’ life (whatever that is) there is something on No Beaten Path that you want to read.

family travel blog 2017


Lots Of Planets Have a North

The Lots of Planets Have a North family (or ArgeyFam as they refer to themselves on the blog) decided one day in late 2015 to pack up their home in Adelaide, South Australia, and travel the world for twelve months. Five weeks later they were on a plane bound for the UK, and they have been travelling ever since. As you might have guessed, their ‘twelve months away’ quickly became… well… as long as they can
travel they will travel.

Getting up and travelling so quick was a challenge, but one they were determined to make easy, and low stress for the whole family – and that is how they still travel today. Now, with their blog, they are determined to remove the idea that planning a holiday for the whole family, and getting travelling, is a stress on the family and on the hip-pocket, and something to be feared.

Still travelling and loving life on the road, they are one of the few family travel blogs
that include travel diaries, reviews and commentary on travel, from all members of the family (the mum, dad and both kids – an 11year old girl and a 7 year old boy). As you can imagine the reviews can be quite varied, both on information and writing, but that is part of their charm. Easy travel for the whole family really is easy travel for the WHOLE family.

family travel blog 2017

The Traveling Page Family

Have you ever wanted to throw your life up in the air and run away before it comes back down? We did just that, quitting “Good Jobs”, selling an investment property, giving away all our stuff. It’s wonderful, liberating, FREEDOM! Now we’re backpacking around, taking our time, moving at our own speed.

There are many challenges travelling with two young kids (ages 3 and 5), but it’s amazing watching them grow and change. They just absorb local culture and experiences into their vocabulary and characters at an incredible rate.

Our blog is updated regularly with destinations, travel info, photos, and even our mistakes, mishaps, and misfortunes.

family travel blog 2017 traveling page family

Family On A Plane

Travel through the eyes of a mom , two kids and a dad, by showing the experience of travel, based in South Africa.

Vikki Lee Harry: Mom of two ,business owner( handmade kids toy boxes) and soul on a journey.
Shaun Harry: Dad, husband, aviation professional and passion for aircraft and soul on a journey.
Tara- Jane Harry: 7 year old little girl who LOVES flying and horses.
Hana-Rose Harry: 5 year old little girl who LOVES flying and sheep.

family travel blog 2017 family on a plane

Familia Hai Hui

We are Familia Hai Hui (translation from our native language would be “The wandering Family”), a regular 2 adults and 2 children family, who love travel, people and stories. The grown-ups, fully licensed as managers in tourism industry, having 15 years experience and a lot of individual and couple travels, became a travel family by the time first son was born (Ionuţ, in 2008). In 2010 our family enlarged with a new member, Andrei, and since then we are enjoying each day and each memory as a family in  our daily routine and extraordinary holidays.

Our purpose is to inspire other families with children to enjoy family travels, create fun and unforgetable  memories, to counsel and help other families to find the best suitable holiday option for them and their family, considering our own personal family travel experiences with our children.

Family travels help.

family travel blog 2017 Familia Hai Hui Atlantis Dubai

I have listed these in no particular order. They are all amazing families who are living life their own way. Each and every one of them is doing something truly inspiring and can inspire you to do the same. It IS possible to travel with kids.
What is your favorite family travel blog 2017? Read about our upcoming family travels to Asia.
Find out the best in family travel blog 2017 and who you should be following! #familytravel
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Find out the best in family travel blog 2017 and who you should be following! #familytravel
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