What we can do for you

So have you been wondering what we can do for you?


What we can do for you

It is safe to say that digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing at lightening speed. It is often quoted that traditional marketing is similar to someone butting into your conversation, your precious time, to tell you about their product.

When someone is reading a blog, they are already interested in what they are reading about. They want to know more, and they trust the information they are reading. A BlogHer study showed that 81% of respondents to the BlogHer survey said that they trust the information and advice that blogs give them and that 61% of those people have made a purchase based on a recommendation from a blogger.

What we can do for you

So what are travel bloggers?

“Travel bloggers are writers first. But they are also editors and publishers. Further, they are often marketing managers, sales representatives, publicists, spokespeople, bookkeepers, website developers and chief executive officers.” – Oliver Gradwell (Travel Bloggers Unite)

Why should you use a travel blogger?

Did you know more people book their trips online than any other method? Travel blogs are now seen as leaders in the travel industry with a high influence on travel decisions.

Social media is becoming increasingly more important in the travel industry. More than half of travellers have changed plans after re- searching trips on social media sites. Travel bloggers are experts in their niche. Furthermore, as a community, travel bloggers often work together to create a much larger scope of brand awareness and by working together can reach a very large number of people in a short time. A travel blogger has multiple ways to reach your target market – travellers – though their stories, reviews on their blog and social media; a multi faceted approach which ensures a greater reach to a targeted market.

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We target your niche

The great thing about blogs is they can be really specific. They can dig down deep into a niche and attract the people ready to buy in that niche. For you as a brand this means your ideal purchasers are being targeted without you having to go and find them.

You also have a chance to sample our writing before using us. We have a backlog of articles here for you to read so you can decide if we are a good fit for your brand.

We are human

Brands can often find it difficult to communicate with their potential customers in a human way. Often posts come across salsey, that is not the case with bloggers. We know how to connect with your fans by telling a story, showing them how they can connect with your brand.

Being human means we can converse with your fans. Part of what we do is engaging with other people, creating connections. When people are interacting with us, talking about your brand, they are interacting with you too.

It is also important to say that passing on information in this way is regarded as word of mouth. We become personal advocates of your brand.

Blogging isn’t only about blogs

Bloggers generally do not only run a blog. They have to promote it right? That is exactly it. We have accounts across various social media platforms, meaning your brand is shared across all of these. We promote reviews of your brand just as hard as we promote our personal stories and posts. These posts can be shared by other users meaning the content is seen by even more eyes.

What we can do for you
We can post and tag your brand on social media sites

All of this attention usually leads to more people viewing your website. The great thing about this too is this kind of post doesn’t end when the blogger leaves. This is live on their site for the rest of time, referring people to you over and over again. Residual referring.

Links to your site from blogs can also really help with your SEO, helping you rank higher on Google. Another thing about SEO is bloggers know what they are doing to get their posts seen. So without any extra effort from you, the blogger is working hard to get their post (about you) seen. Yay.


The ultimate goal is for your brand to be seen more, and generate more sales. Bloggers can really drive more sales.

Do you want to know what other services we offer? Check out what else we can do.

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