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So many families are scared to travel, nevermind to travel for a year. So many families are traveling the world and OWNING it. (Check out this family who are traveling the world and have tips for others wanting to do the same.) We are going to be just like them soon. We leave on a one-way flight with the first stop in Doha, Qatar, in only 13 days. That is less than two weeks. We are so excited. Here are the travel plans for Meldrums On The Move family travel for a year commencing September 24th 2017.

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We fly from Edinburgh airport on September 24th (soon eek!!) The flight leaves at dinner time and will land us in Qatar at 1am. We have been invited as guests of the hotel to stay at a beautiful five-star hotel called the Warwick who have also arranged transfers for us to save us the trouble.

family travel for a year
First stop Doha

We will spend 19 hours in Doha. We have also been given bus tickets for the hop on hop off bus and have been invited to a private island to visit their pool and beach area. We then fly to our longer term destination at 8pm (the day after we leave the UK.)

Landing in Bangkok

We arrive in Bangkok at 7am. We will get a taxi to another gorgeous 5 star hotel in Silom where we will spend the next few days relaxing. Next we are heading to Chonburi where we will spend a few days before we go to explore Pattaya.

family travel for a year
We land more permanently in Thailand

This will take us up to October 7th where we will get a night train to Chiang Mai. We have been invited to visit two lovely hotels so will spend four days between the two while finding a home to rent for a month in Chiang Mai.

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Leaving Thailand

We need to leave Thailand because of restrictions with me working. We are flying to Hong Kong on November 15th. We will use the first two days to check out Disneyland so I can add to my list of Disneylands I have visited!

family travel for a year
Looking forward to Hong Kong

We will then explore the wonders of Hong Kong, check out Aberdeen and maybe head to Shenzhen or Macau for a day or two.

Hong Kong to Manila

We next fly to Manila on November 22nd. Next is off to Kalibo on the 24th, and over to Boracay for the 25th and 26th at another hotel who invited us to come stay and will let us enjoy a meal in their wonderful restaurant.

family travel for a year
Everything is better in the Philippines…so I hear!

We will probably head right to Cebu after this and explore there until we fly out to Singapore on December 13th.

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We land in Singapore on December 13th. We will stay for 5 days before heading to our next destination.

family travel for a year
The Gardens by the Bay look awesome

We will go to the Gardens By The Bay and will hopefully stay at least one night in the Marina By The Bay Hotel. Hopefully a quick trip to Sentosa Island too.

Singapore to Bali

We will spend Christmas on Bali (yay!!) We will spend a week or maybe two at the Gili islands before heading back to Denpasar to fly out to Malaysia in January.

family travel for a year
Christmas on Bali will be insane!


We will spend a month working our way up from Kuala Lumpar to the Malaysia border with Thailand. We will visit Penang and Langkawi. We will cross the Thai border whenever we feel like it.

family travel for a year
We are so excited for street food in KL

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Likely because of the weather forecast we will head to Phuket and Krabi for 2 weeks – 1 month. We will then head over to the Gulf of Thailand and live there for around 6 weeks probably on our favourite island Koh Samui. We might take a holiday from here. Who knows!

family travel for a year
We cannot wait to chill on Koh Samui

We will head from Samui to either Bangkok or Kuala Lumpar depending on where the cheapest flights are. We will probably go to Sri Lanka and them home to Edinburgh via London. Or we will fly from BKK/KL to Rome or Berlin and do a month in Europe before going to Scotland.

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Leaving Scotland (again)

We will then fly from Edinburgh to Mallorca and enjoy a week in a huge villa with Tasha’s side of the family before returning to Scotland for a couple of weeks. After a few weeks rest and seeing friends we will fly back out into Europe and enjoy a week with Davids family.

family travel for a year
We cannot wait to see our family in Mallorca

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At this time we will return home and visit some more of Scotland while planning out our trip back out to Oceania. If we can we will fit in a trip to Mexico and the Caribbean rather than being stuck in Scotland all of that time.

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