Three months until take off

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It is officially three months and a day before we fly out to Thailand for our long term family travel Thailand and in and around South East Asia. We have been doing monthly updates to let our readers and family know where we stand, and how things are progressing as we get closer and closer to our leaving date.

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You can check out more details plans for our family travel Thailand including a detailed itinerary for the first three months in a previous post. I won’t go into detail about the full trip again but I will mention some changes and updates.

Where we stand now

Travis and I just returned from Spain where we had traveled with my Mum instead of David this time. It was a fantastic trip and I met a friend there who I met online 10 years ago. It was good to finally see that neither of us were a dreaded Catfish!

family travel thailand

We are currently working on the website to make it better, have written a course to teach others to do what we do, and are doing some work through Upwork to build up some savings (though this may be used soon after a trip to A and E in Spain with Travis.)

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Final checks

David is going through the final checks at work, getting medicals all that sort of thing. I have been sent for x-rays to find out the situation with my hyper-mobility, maybe its arthritis now. I’ll know soon.

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We can order our vaccinations next month when Travis turns two.

A final European fling

We have spoke about going on a final trip in Europe before we go to Asia. We are looking at visiting the wonderful and historic Prague in August if we do not get a massive bill from Travis’ hospital visit. We will see…

family travel thailand

Planning for Asia

We are still planning some of the trip. We have changed up from visiting to Kanchanaburi to going to Chonburi/Si Racha and visiting a more beachy area rather than staying inland for the first couple of months. We also will now be in Bali for Christmas rather than Cambodia as we thought.

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So what is next?

We have some admin to do on the website. Just part of the admin we have done already has seen us grow dramatically from 2.2k views on Pinterest per month to a whopping 43.8k. We will continue to update our Pinterest images to keep this number growing.

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We will now start to contact more hotels about working with them during our travels. You can learn how to do this yourself in our travel blog sponsorship course. We are looking for hotels in Si Racha, Ko Sichang, Hong Kong , Manila, Cebu, Singapore and Bali. We have a lot of work to do on that front! To save money on tours in all of the above click this link.

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