Why you should enjoy family travel with grandparents

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I recently took my Mum abroad to Spain with me and Travis. Firstly I took her because I was afraid to solo travel alone with Travis, especially when I had work to do while we were there. I work remotely as a social media manager which meant at least one of the days I was in Spain I would be working for a few hours, I absolutely would need help incase he wanted to leave or got a little wild in the hotel room. This is just one of the ways we have let Travis go on family travel with Grandparents.

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Why you should bring the Grandparents

Having my Mum around while I was in Spain was a real blessing. She helped me out with Travis when he became overwhelming (he was teething which is a nightmare in another country.) Grandparents see the little ones less so they have all the time in the world for them and love to see and spend time with the kids – giving Mum and Dad a bit more of a break.

family travel with grandparents
Travis and Grangie

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In our situation Travis spends a lot of time with his Nana and Grandad on Davids side of the family. We love how close they are but he has had less time to bond with my Mum and Dad. We shared a room with my Mum and had two single beds pushed together. Travis slept between me and my Mum and he got to know her so well this way. He loves waking up and playing with my hair and actually started to do it with my Mum too. So adorable.

family travel with grandparents
They get to bond more

For more of a break

David and I have a lot of work to do on our website and courses before we leave for our 9 month travel in Asia. We have some huge goals we want to meet with our business before we go so we needed a little break. How handy was it for us that Davids parents wanted to take Travis for 10 days to go traveling around England.

family travel with grandparents
Travis and his Grandad Paul

The timing was great. Of course we miss him lots but we are smashing goals and setting up a future to help us be able to financially and emotionally take care of Travis in the most comfortable position possible. This also give him some important time with his Grandparents before we take him away for a year.

A big family trip

My parents are no longer together, so it is important to us that Travis gets time with all of them equally. My Dad and his wife have booked us a huge villa in Mallorca, Spain for June 2018. Travis will be there with my Dad and his wife so another family travel with Grandparents trip. He will have a lot of his Aunts, Uncles and cousins there too. It will be a great way for us to catch up after being in Asia for so long.

family travel for a year
We cannot wait to see our family in Mallorca

Since we are all spread across Scotland it will be a wonderful time for Travis to bond with the family he does not see as much.

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For us family travel with Grandparents is actually really important. Travel is a huge part of our lives and we want to be able to share that with our families. It is important for our parents to see how much Travis is enjoying it too, so they are not worried about him being on the road all of the time while we are gone.

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Have you done any family travel with Grandparents? What is your advice?

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