How to find a home in Chiang Mai

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So many of you know now that we are moving out to Thailand, at least for a while, in September 2017. We have gone over and over different ideas in our heads… Using Koh Samui as a home base, getting a nice 3 bed and moving there long term, getting a studio and just taking a backpack, travelling from our home to nearby countries, travel constantly…and now we are kind of between all of these ideas. We have decided to settle and find a home in Chiang Mai from October 12th – November 12th. You can read all about our travel plans here.

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We will likely spend the first dew days in Bangkok, spend a week in Kanchanaburi on the river Kwai and then fly down to Singapore and work our way up to Phuket. From Phuket we want to head to Chiang Mai for the lantern festival in November. We found cheap flights about £75 all in for all three of us from Krabi/Phuket to Chiang Mai with Air Asia. This means on November 1st we will land in Chiang Mai and be ready to find a home.

Day 1 in Chiang Mai

A lot of reading and watching of YouTube videos shows that you will most likely get the best deal by showing up on the day and using a travel agent to pick a few places to view. Alyson at World Travel Family has some great tips of where you can stay on your first night or two in Chiang Mai while you home hunt.

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find a home in Chiang Mai
Tuk tuk ride

If you still want to have more of an idea what you can get for your money, you can use the internet to view properties in so many ways.

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Estate agencies

There are loads of online estate agents with listing of properties in Chiang Mai. You can view prices, costs, and so much more information about the property before you even leaving your sofa.

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So far my favorite is Chiang Mai House. I like the search functions and I’ve found so far that the costs are really fantastic and the quality is really high on the apartments.


You can YouTube almost anything these days. I managed to watch a bunch of videos by digital nomads who are based in Chiang Mai. They are super proud of the wonderful deals they are finding and are happy to share them with us on YouTube, yay! You will find that often they tell you exactly what each month costs in Chiang Mai too and will often recommend good eateries too, bonus!

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Have you got any other tricks to find a home in Chiang Mai?

How to find a home in Chiang Mai #chiangmai #travel
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How to find a home Chiang Mai for a month or more #thailand
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