The best first aid backpack sized kit for travel

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We are setting off on what is shaping up to be a year long travel in just over a month and we are finally packing the essentials for the trip. We have nailed what family travel essentials we need and are now purchasing the final bits we need like mosquito protection, first aid kit for toddlers, extra medication such as Calpol sachets, vaccinations and sun protection. We are going to share with you the best first aid backpack sized kits we have found and the best baby first aid kit we have come across for those who are travelling.

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The best baby first aid kit

first aid backpack
The best baby first aid kit for travel families

Our favourite travel first aid kit we have gotten so far is the compact first aid kit by Yellodoor. It is a small travel first aid kit aimed at those who are travelling with kids. The design is kid orientated featuring the song character Humpty Dumpty – such a fun theme for those little ones who fall down a lot! It actually comes with a Humpty Dumpty toy which Travis took to straight away, he got to hear the song for the first time on YouTube and started to copy it and made his Humpty Dumpty fall down.

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The first aid kit for children has 54 pieces which makes it very valuable for every day life, travel or regular journeys in the car. What made it extra valuable for us was the thermometer that was included which meant we no longer needed to pack our bulky Tommee Tippee one, but we still have the benefit of being able to take Travis’ temperature if the situation arises (this would have been so useful right before he ended up in an Ambulance in Barcelona for being overheated.) We love that you can buy handy refill packs and extra plasters. The kit also includes stickers to give the little one when they do well handling a boo boo, a great personal touch. It includes everything you need to treat small injuries on the go, including eye wash, a medicine measure spoon and wipes.

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first aid backpack
The fun Humpty Dumpty design

The kit comes packed in a zippable, waterproof bag which seems very sturdy. It is very spacious and has extra room for added extras you may want to take, we are adding Calpol and Dioralyte into ours.

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first aid backpack
There is plenty inside with extra room

This travel first aid kit for kids comes with plenty of products and space, yet it is still a first aid backpack sized kit which will not take up too much room in your backpack. It is a nice and small travel first aid kit which would be a perfect holiday first aid kit or even for long-term travel with its refill options available on the internet.

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first aid backpack
Reward stickers

The best travel first aid kit

We also recently got this beautiful compact first aid kit which is vintage in style. We really liked the design on the sturdy zipper bag and found it hard to pick which design of the four we liked the most.

first aid backpack
We got the flower design

This kit comes with a huge 70 pieces including bandages, wound pads, plasters, rubber gloves and sachets of burn gel. Again the case is super compact and I can hold it in one hand easily. Saying that, there is plenty of room inside if you wanted to add in any extra items. The size and practicability of this travel first aid kit make it the best backpacking first aid kit. It is easily the best first aid backpack sized kit I have come across which still offers plenty of protection if you are injured on the go.

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first aid backpack
Its nice and small

All of the plasters are hypoallergenic which is fantastic for us because David reacts to plasters from regular first aid kits.

first aid backpack
There is lots of products inside to keep you looked after

This is a very compact first aid kit and is one of the only first aid kit small enough to fit in a solo travellers backpack without taking up the valuable room they need for everything else they require on their trip. This first aid backpack sized kit is stylish and not embarrassing as the plain cases with a huge cross symbol on the front, so your kids will not be embarrassed to pack this if you buy them it for their car, travels or festivals, it is a real winner!

Although we highly recommend always having a fully stocked holiday first aid kit, you could always use this stylish pack for other things after.

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If you are looking for the best first aid backpack sized kit for travelling then you need to get the Yellodoor vintage inspired kit. If you are travelling with kids in tow then we recommend the Humpty Dumpty kit with included Humpty to kiss away the sore bits. It is the idea first aid kit small enough, yet stocked enough, for a whole family of travellers.

70 Piece Vintage inspired travel first aid kit by Yellodoor
Travis making Humpty Dumpty fall

Wondering where to buy a first aid kit from Yellodoor? Simple. Yellodoor have a great Amazon store and a beautiful website with contact information if you have any questions. Although the link above only shows one colour variation you can follow the link to Amazon to change the case types between for different designs.

Have you tried these first aid backpack sized kits?

The best first aid backpack sized travel kit for travel families | family travel | first aid kits for children | first aid kits for backpacking | compact first aid kit | best backpacking first aid kit
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The best first aid backpack sized travel kit for travel families | family travel | first aid kits for children | first aid kits for backpacking | compact first aid kit | best backpacking first aid kit
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* We received these first aid kits from Yellodoor in exchange for an open and honest opinion. All opinions are our own.

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  • First aid kits are essential most especially when travelling. But that does not mean that it can’t be cute and these products make that possible. It makes me want to carry the kit everywhere I go.

  • I have not tried these kits. They are handy things to travel with and something I should really travel with more often. Having both options for adults and children is great, especially by sounds of it Travis loved the Humpty Dumpty toy.

  • Thanks for the tip on the Yellodoor vintage inspired kit. I think travelers underestimate the importance of traveling with a first aid kit – we have a make shift one where we throw random stuff in a plastic bag, so it would be really nice to get a pre packaged kit that fits nicely in our backpack and has everything. We may have kids in a year or two 😀 So thanks for the heads up on the Humpty Dumpty kit too!

  • Maybe it’s a bit funny, but I loooved the baby first aid kit by Yellodoor! Not just Travis, I think even I would keep the Humpty Dumpty character 😛

    Hypoallergenic plasters are great too…especially for those with allergy!

  • You just put a new idea in my mind. While travelling, generally, we tend to stuff all our emergency medications together into one big messy case, but it makes sense to categorise them for easy use. Have to find some better organized medicine cases.

    • We just exactly this with these kits and a couple extras, I carry a lot of medication for my chronic pain and its so handy having it categorised!

  • It is so imperative to have a first aid kit when traveling, and if you are traveling with kids it make sense to have one dedicated to the kids. The pack looks so convenient and handy. With children you never know when accidents can happen and it is prudent to be prepared.

  • I don’t have kids, but I think the Humpty Dumpy kit is adorable. I don’t have a good first aid kit in my travel bag at the moment, so it’s definitely something I should invest in. I like that the vintage kit has hypoallergenic band-aids since I am also allergic.

  • It wasn’t until we were traveling in South East Asia that I truly was grateful for my trusty first aid kit, it’s kind of one of those things that travellers kinda underestimate the importance of. I am all about the theming, my last first aid kit was Disney themed. Makes you smile every time you see Mickey covering a burn, bite or scratch, am I right??? I don’t have children yet, but when I do, your advise is incredible for that perfect kid friendly first aid pack.

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