Family fishing trips in Scotland

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As a travel family when I was younger we were often taken away for long weekends, vacations and trips throughout Scotland. We did all kinds of different activities including fishing holidays in the UK and fishing in Scotland. We often went fishing in Scotland and fishing in Scotland was more common for us than fishing holidays UK wide. I was brought up in the Scottish Borders and close to us was trout fishing pond in Penicuik.

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Trout fishing Scotland

Our favourite trout fishing ponds were in Penicuik which is only around 15 minutes drive from Edinburgh. In Edinburgh fishing is not really an option but Penicuik is the perfect place to go from the city. This would be my top pick for fishing in Edinburgh since it is outside of the city but close enough to get public transport and enjoy the best of both worlds. We used to drive here from the different towns we lived in nearby.

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Penicuik offers two fishing ponds nearby and fishing shops so you can buy your own equipment. You can check out the prices for Rosslynlee fishing pond or have a look on Google for the others in the nearby area. We loved that we were left on our own to learn how to do things and really enjoyed the tranquillity of the area. We never found the ponds to the overcrowded and they were always full of enough fish to ensure a good catch each time we visited.

The whole fishing holiday package

If you choose a pond like Rosslynlee in Penicuik you can enjoy your fishing holiday as part of a wider trip to Scotland. Since Penicuik is close to Edinburgh you can enjoy trips like Edinburgh Zoo and Deep Sea World, but also visit a whole lot of free things to do within an hours drive of the pond. You can enjoy a whole range of exciting excursions in the city but if you want to stay somewhere more remote then you should checkout nearby Peebles or Innerleithen for options. Both are only a short drive from the Penicuik fishing ponds and Edinburgh city centre.

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There are a lot of great AirBnbs in the area if you are looking for something a little more homely.

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You can enjoy UK fishing holidays in other parts and stick to rivers, but the fish can be harder to catch and you do need a licence to do so. In my opinion it is better to plan fishing trips or short fishing breaks to dedicated fishing ponds so you can guarantee and great time, especially if you are bringing kids who can bore easily.

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In Scotland fishing is a really fun activity that we are introduced to quite young. I highly recommend trying a fishing trip in Scotland with your kids as a fun alternative to the more typical trips on offer.

Have you ever taken any fishing trips in Scotland? Let us know in the comments below.

The fishing trips Scotland are ideal with kids #travel
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  • Oh it does sound like so much fun! Great idea for something different to do with children. They always end up getting bored of all the sights in the city

  • My husband loves fly fishing. I have never thought of a family fishing trip. Maybe I should try it out!

  • We have yet to visit Scotland and I know the kids would love it. Actually, I thought we had accomplished quite a lot, but we haven’t been fishing either with them! I’m not a fisher woman….so it really hasn’t occurred to me to take them. We love giving the kids new experiences to broaden their world and so we need to add this to the list!

  • That’s so nice you’re sharing a trip so close to home and your culture. Admittedly, I’m not big on fishing, but then again, I’ve never really tried! Pencuik sounds really ideal for trying it for the first time, I’ll remember it for the future!

  • I know so far Scotland is the most suitable place for fishing. As I am a fishing lover so always search for the best place of fishing. I have got extraordinary information from your post concerning fishing. Thanks for sharing, may I am coming soon in Scotland for fishing lol!

  • Sounds like a great experience! We love fishing, but our boy ( 2 yo ) is a bit to young to take out fishing at this stage, but when he is older we would definitely try and catch some fish 🙂 Love the picture of the sunset!

  • This sounds like an experience my husband would love. We fish a lot here in Canada, but it would be a fun trip out to Scotland and make a day trip to Penicuik. It’s also great it’s so close to Edinburg. A bonus for me as I like to explore the city as well as take some day trips out to fish. Thanks for sharing.

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