How I prepared my skin for five days in the Mediterranean

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Many people do not think about preparing their skin for sun exposure. After learning some good habits while in The Canary Islands in December 2016 I decided to prepare my skin this time for 5 days in the Mediterranean sun.

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This time I will visit the Balearic Islands and it will be April. It should average around 17-19 degrees Celsius during our trip.

5 days in the Mediterranean
The weather forecast for our trip


My trip will only be five days long so I can probably get away with shaving only before I go. If not I’ll buy a cheap razor while I am there to keep on top of it.

5 days in the Mediterranean
Aloe Shave gel

I use the Aloe Shave Gel. It foams up really well so covers the area really easily. It is nice and thick so doesn’t run off at the first sign of water. This helps the razor glide really well over the skin catching and cutting the hairs as it goes. This means no embarrassing shaving bumps and red rash to show off in my bikini!

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To get the best efforts from your shave it is a good idea to exfoliate after. This removes the dead skin from the area. I prefer the Forever Aloe scrub because it is so gentle it can be used every day. You can use it on your face, or the body, so it is really versatile.

5 days in the Mediterranean
Use the Aloe Scrub to exfoliate the body and the face. It is really good at clearing the pores.


After exfoliating it is really important to moisturize. You have cleared your pores of debris and you want to put moisture in its place, or your skin will become all dry and tight. There are a range of moisturizers and serums that work well but I prefer the Propolis in this situation.

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5 days in the Mediterranean
Propolis creme

It is a thicker cream which will stay on the skin longer – without being greasy or washing off if you take a dip.

Skin care

While I am away I will use a mix of suncream and Aloe First spray. The spray is easy to use, like the bottle says you just spray it on to the body and it helps helps soothe and protect skin and hair from the damaging effects of sun exposure and chlorine.

5 days in the Mediterranean

Using a mix of these items I can be sure my skin is in the best condition to be exposed to the hot Mediterranean sun. My skin and hair will stay protected while absorbing all the goodness and catching a beautiful brown tan.

How I prepared my skin for 5 days in the Mediterranean
Always take care of your skin

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What would you do to prepare for five days in the Mediterranean?

How I prepared my skin for five days in the Mediterranean #travel
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How to prep your skin for five days in the Mediterranean #travel #skincare
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Five days in the Mediterranean can be hard on the skin, learn how to prepare for it #skincare
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