Five free and awesome things to try in Bahia de San Antonio

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So you have a trip booked to Ibiza. You are probably planning to party most of your money down the drain and want some free things to enjoy in your spare time. I have compiled a list of fun and interesting free things to try in Bahia de San Antonio, Ibiza.

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Bahia se San Antonio isn’t far from San Antonio Bay – we walked between the two every day with a toddler, so you can do it no problem.

1. Explore the rock pools

Number 1 on our list was exploring the rock pools. This was one of our most favourite things to do and we actually did it most days. We found a few cool things in there, including sea urchins and snails.

Awesome things to try in Bahia de San Antonio in Ibiza #spain #travel

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I am sure with less distractions from a toddler and a better season you could find more awesome stuff though. You can even get a little net and actually try catch some creatures to examine (before putting them back of course.)

2. Explore the streets

We always make an effort to go out and get lost wherever we go. We have found the most interesting people, delicious food and cool places by doing this. This is something we did a lot of in Ibiza because of the lack of things to do there in April.

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We walked around here for hours and came across some pretty awesome places. Which brings me to the next cool thing to do…

3. Find an abandoned beach

We found an abandoned beach beside an old amusement park. We headed down because we could tell there used to be something interesting there and we wanted to know what.

try in Bahia de San Antonio

We were not disappointed anyway. What we found was a lovely beach which resembled the gorgeous shores we had been on in Thailand. One part of it looked like it had been used to host a wedding (see the picture above!) Another part had loungers no longer used, and a case with seats set up as if it were still open, but it wasn’t. We saw digital nomads working from the beach in the shade. This place really had an exotic feel to it.

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We managed to pick up free wifi at the beach and I managed to stream a live video to Facebook of the location!

4. Take a stroll along the walk way to San Antonio

There is a pretty neat walkway which leads from Bahia de San Antonio to San Antonio Bay. Its super easy to find and easy to follow. It is all paved and you can get a buggy up there no problem.

walking tour of San Antonio bay
Travis and David using the walkway

5. Play at the park

There are parks everywhere in Ibiza. We found them everywhere we went exploring. One of our favourites was just off the walkway between Bahia de San Antonio and San Antonio Bay. We noticed it wasn’t just kids using it. There were adults there chatting and people actually using the park as a workout space!

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Have you been to Bahia de San Antonio? What did you enjoy most there?

Five free and awesome things to try in Bahia de San Antonio
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  • This sounds like a great way to enjoy Ibiza! I love the way you say visitors will probably party most of their money down the drain. So true, and these are perfect free activities!

  • Exploring the rock pools sounds like a fun thing to do, specially for taking breaks after exploring the town on foot. An evening / night stroll along the pathway, would definitely offer some breathtaking views while the cool breeze kisses your face.

  • Very nice tips that too for free. I would like to explore the streets first as it is my favorite activity in any city. The walkway from Bahia de San Antonio to San Antonio Bay is really looking a beautiful path.

  • A lovely list there. Something I would do too. There is nothing like finding a place to yourself on the beach and explore those magnificent rock pools 🙂 Taking a stroll is a great way to go people watching! Makes for great photo ops 🙂

  • That’s quite an offbeat list. I personally enjoy visiting such places. He abandoned beach attracts me the most. My decade long travels have taught me that most of the best things to see in a destination are free. I make a conscious choice to visit such places. This helps me save more and travel more.

  • I have never been to Ibiza. My impression is that it has a lot of crowded places and expensive bars/restaurants. However, you have shown that Bahia de San Antonio looks like a friendly and laid-back place. I like the beach that you referred as similar to the one in Thailand. I would also enjoy going there. I have a remote work so I think it is a good place to do some online work and catch up on social media.

    • You would love it here Iza, but only in low season. High season is just like you describe! Yes you can do all of your remote work from here no problem

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