Flying with a baby: Do’s and dont’s

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  1. Momma To Go says:

    great article! I am past this stage but remember those days! plus i need to check out that pirate site!

  2. Mimi & Mitch says:

    Flying with a babe would be a challenge! Not there yet in our life, but know it will happen so this is quite handy and was a great read!

  3. Thanks for the list. I wish I had it about 9 years ago when we started traveling with out little girl. It really was a lesson to be learnt, but we made it through and found that most airlines do go out of their way to accommodate babies. Lucky for us, our girl was quite well behaved so she managed all her early flights without any hassles.

  4. wanderingchocobo says:

    Great tips, especially the toddler back pack! I would have never though about having them carry some of their items! Also, about the flying before nap time that’s a great way to kill time.

  5. travellingslacker says:

    Some of this pictures are hilarious. But I understand how hard it is and admire people who can manage it. As for myself, I can’t even imagine doing it!

  6. tweeteattravel says:

    Whenever I see people with babies at the airport, I feel for them. Some people can be so unkind. This is a great article with great tips! I passed it along to all my friends with kids.

  7. gobeyondbounds says:

    As much its a challenge flying with toddlers these trips make for great memories. We completely agree on the reducing the luggage and keeping our hands free to manage the toddler at the same time it’s also necessary to carry as much as toddler items like food, extra dresses and toys to help kids be comfortable. These tips are definitely gonna help parents traveling with kids.

  8. Great tips for travelling with little ones! Something I will keep in mind for future. From what I’ve heard, snacks are very very important! On your head be it if you forget the precious snacks! A good versatile buggy as well seems like a must.

  9. The jetkids bed looks great for the little ones. This is great list of tips that you have complied…will book mark it for sure. The kids always have such a difficult time, especially in long duration flights. Having their own sippy cup is such a comfort!

  10. Bhusha says:

    Great tips. Though right now I won’t be using them, a couple of years down the road, I’m sure this would be my life saver!
    The Bed Box and the Compact Buggy looks really very useful!
    Entertained him with plastic cups after a couple hours? That’s creative!!!

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