Flying with a baby: Do’s and dont’s

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If you have come across this post you are likely considering a flying with a baby or at least flying with a child.

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In July 2015 our family became three. Travis was born and I must admit I was really happy with my life. I had been following a website called Holiday Pirates for a while by this point (I’m a huge wanderluster.)

flying with a baby
Another Holiday Pirates deal

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I never acted on any of the deals until my bucketlist destination, Iceland, came up at a real bargain! Read more about my time in Iceland here. As a consequence I soon became addicted to the feeling travelling brought… and Thailand was booked up for two days after landing back from Iceland. If you want to read more about some of my tips for Thailand click here. We went as two on these trips, Travis was just too young at the time.

flying with a baby
Travis while we were away

By the end of the year though we knew we had to take him out somewhere as family! Fuerteventura seemed to be a good call after we saw again, on Holiday Pirates (check them out here,) more super cheap flights. The grand total for all three of us was £120, and we noticed the price went down before we left.

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Checked baggage:

We decided to pay for a checked bag so we could take more of his things with us. This was bad and good. Its pretty difficult carting about a huge bag with a toddler in tow, but it gets checked pretty quickly at the airport. We found that we ended up over-packing this and went over the allowance on the way home. A drama came about trying to decide what to ditch and what to keep to avoid fees. This was a mistake and I’d recommend just taking hand luggage with a budget airline, a big backpack or small case is plenty! It saves all the trouble at the baggage drop.

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flying with a baby reality
The reality of too many bags

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We bought a super-compact buggy called the GB Pockit+ Sea Port Blue navy blue.This was a god send. The buggy folds up so small it can be taken on as hand luggage, and we managed to have this as an extra on top of our bags. As soon as we got off the flight I built it up and put Travis in, a blessing at 11pm with a tired toddler. You can buy it on Amazon which is so handy! Click the image below to take a look.

flying with a baby
The GB Pockit stroller

Water and snacks:

Halloween left us with a few pieces of candy to spare, so I popped them in a small backpack I had bought Travis. This was so handy when Travis was a bit peckish or had sore ears! I’d recommend buying a bottle of water before you get on the plane as Ryanair charge 3 Euros a bottle. The flight is so overheated you need a few of these too!

We now have a Mickey water bottle that we got in Ibiza like the one below. You can refill it and ask for water from the staff or take it from airport fountains for free.

Toddler backpack:

A toddler backpack is a must! They flight doesn’t count it as a piece of hand luggage so it was just an extra space for us to keep treats. Use this space for some toys, games and other amusing items. My advice is bring as many as you can. After a few hours Travis was bored and we ended up having to amuse him with plastic cups. The backpack we chose also had reigns attached so it was so handy to help us keep a hold of him and stop him running off. These don’t have to break the bank – check out our personal favourite below;

      Moonwind Waterproof Kids Toddler Harness Backpack Children Baby Safety Bag with Leash (Airplane)

flying with a baby
Travis & his backpack

Nap time:

If you can, book your flight around nap time or bedtime. It will greatly reduce the headaches that come when flying with a baby. We managed to have Travis asleep on the way there – he fell asleep on take off. This knocked a good hour off the time we needed to amuse him. Another great way of flying with kids is to bring the child’s car seat. You can find out more about travelling with a car seat here.

family travel essentials

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flying with a baby
Our JetKids bed

If you can think of any good tips to add for flying with a baby, let me know!

flying with a baby
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flying with a baby
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  • great article! I am past this stage but remember those days! plus i need to check out that pirate site!

  • Thanks for the list. I wish I had it about 9 years ago when we started traveling with out little girl. It really was a lesson to be learnt, but we made it through and found that most airlines do go out of their way to accommodate babies. Lucky for us, our girl was quite well behaved so she managed all her early flights without any hassles.

  • Great tips, especially the toddler back pack! I would have never though about having them carry some of their items! Also, about the flying before nap time that’s a great way to kill time.

  • Some of this pictures are hilarious. But I understand how hard it is and admire people who can manage it. As for myself, I can’t even imagine doing it!

  • Whenever I see people with babies at the airport, I feel for them. Some people can be so unkind. This is a great article with great tips! I passed it along to all my friends with kids.

  • As much its a challenge flying with toddlers these trips make for great memories. We completely agree on the reducing the luggage and keeping our hands free to manage the toddler at the same time it’s also necessary to carry as much as toddler items like food, extra dresses and toys to help kids be comfortable. These tips are definitely gonna help parents traveling with kids.

  • Great tips for travelling with little ones! Something I will keep in mind for future. From what I’ve heard, snacks are very very important! On your head be it if you forget the precious snacks! A good versatile buggy as well seems like a must.

  • The jetkids bed looks great for the little ones. This is great list of tips that you have complied…will book mark it for sure. The kids always have such a difficult time, especially in long duration flights. Having their own sippy cup is such a comfort!

  • Great tips. Though right now I won’t be using them, a couple of years down the road, I’m sure this would be my life saver!
    The Bed Box and the Compact Buggy looks really very useful!
    Entertained him with plastic cups after a couple hours? That’s creative!!!

  • Aww the baby backpack is adorable! I don’t have kids, so can imagine the challenges you must face when travelling. I’m sure many other family travellers will appreciate the advice and tips in this post.

  • What a challenge to travel with a child. So great that you were able to take the time together to travel but then also travel with you kid. Building memories is always great, no matter the struggle. Good for you!

  • My heart always goes out to the people I see traveling with kids. I haven’t done it personally, but I remember traveling with little brothers. My sister travels with her 3 kids all the time (7, 5, and 2) and packs each kid a backpack with their toys, coloring books, a blanket, snacks, etc. The girls have learned to entertain themselves with whatever is in the backpack. They also have an iPad or a small hand-held device for the kids if they want to watch a movie.
    Rachelle recently posted…Calico Ghost Town: Welcome to the Wild Wild West!My Profile

  • These are great tips! My youngest was eight months old when we took her for her first long trip. We had taken her on several weekend trips before that. It’s amazing how much more you have to plan to have a trip that is less stressful. Now my youngest is seven years old, so it’s nice to not have to bring so much. She can even deal with her own bags now. We still bring the snacks, though!

  • That buggy looks so convenient. Luckily, it can be folded and carried on as well. The idea of booking a flight during the kiddie’s nap time is brilliant. Cheers!!

  • You got me with this post. I’ve always had my reservations with traveling far with Kid. I get worried, what if this and that happens. So I never get to take him along on my tours but he sure feel sad whenever I do. Guess I’d incorporate your tips and receive Kid’s blessings when I take him on tour. Thanks for these tips.

  • Great tips for moms with little ones. Those comfortable and foldable buggy looks a great option during travelling. I was only knowing about the car seat but infant airplane seat is also available on Amazon which is really a worth comfortable option for parents. Nice Tips!

  • I salute you for flying with children because what I have experienced in the past, seeing families trying to go through security etc is a lot of extra time and effort. Some great points you made even though I do not have a child. I do however have a fur child and it’s stressful with her as well.

  • You really do get some good deals on Holiday Pirates. My daughter is very naughty on flights, she even disturbs well behaved toddlers and babies! I didn’t know about the toddler bag not being counted as a piece of hand luggage. I can take more on now, although she is growing up fast so I’m not sure how much longer I can take it on for.
    James recently posted…Bratislava to Budapest by busMy Profile

  • Great tips for flying with a baby! I struggles to sort myself out for flights so fair play on you for tackling it all with a baby. I’m sure that this article will be really helpful for new families that are about to start traveling with their little one.

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