Fort George Inverness : A picture collection

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Fort George Inverness is an army barracks that is still in use until this day. The Scottish Battalion known as 3 SCOTS reside inside the barracks that Visit Scotland describes as “Fort George, is the mightiest artillery fortification in Britain, if not Europe.”

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Fort George Inverness is the perfect place to take in a bit of history and enjoy seeing real-life British troops hard at work.

The area

Fort George is in Inverness, right on the coast. This means it can get very windy and cold at times. The actual Fort is very well kept and the grass is cut and kept super neat. This makes the place look really beautiful and inviting.

Fort George Inverness
Perfectly kept grass

You can walk around here but the steep ramps make it harder to get around with a buggy or a wheelchair. It is perfect for those looking for a little adventure and exploration.

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fort george inverness

The building

The building is really cool, old style British type building. Fort George Inverness really is an impressive Fort and if you take a look at images on Google you will see how impressive the building and walls shape are taken from above! Unfortunately we did not get a picture from above as our time here was limited and we cannot fly, ha!

Fort George Inverness
Fort George Inverness buildings

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Fort George Inverness
The old building


There are still old artifacts around from the time the Fort was build and used during the Jacobite unrest. It is really cool to be able to walk about and see old Canons in among regular stuff like car parks and new cars.

Fort George Inverness
An old canon

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Overall it is a great day out. If the weather is nice then you are in luck and it will make for an amazing stroll and if you have kids, they will love seeing all of the old canons and old Fort walls. You can even spruce up on a bit of history and get them really interested in that too.

fort george inverness

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