Four months until take off

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So last month I started a countdown to our trip to South East Asia. If you have no read that, you should! We are now at Four months until take off.

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south east asia family travel

The trip

Basically here is a run down of the trip;

Edinburgh >


Doha, Qatar >


Bangkok >


Chiang Mai >

chiang mai

Hong Kong >

hong kong

Philippines >

Singapore >



Travel plans Asia

Malaysia >


Thailand >

koh samui family travel

Sri Lanka/India

india family travel

We officially booked the flights from Chiang Mai > Hong Kong > Manila > Kalibo last month. Yay!

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Have you got tips on where to stay in Hong Kong? Let me know.

We have secured more partnerships with hotels and now have hotels in Doha, Bangkok, Chiang Mai (x2) and Borocay. We are really excited to start exploring these new and interesting places.

Where we stand now

We took a look at our last year in travel…

We then moved out our place and in with my brother to start saving money! We are sharing one room between the three of us (me, David and Travis that is.) This will get us used to the travel life pretty quickly.

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four months until take off
We have moved from Walkerburn to Innerleithen

This (obviously?) means our house is rented out and to a dear friend of ours. What a relief. We put half our stuff in storage and donated the rest. We made a very small profit from some of the bigger items and brought the big kitchen items to my brothers and we will leave them for him when we go.

Started freelancing

I have been wanting to freelance for a while now. I just was never confident enough in myself to do so so I put it off over and over again. I took the plunge and applied to jobs on Upwork and got my first role pretty quickly. I cannot talk about it much because of confidentiality but what I can say is it is hilarious and keeps me well entertained for sure. Since then I have been offered and accepted numerous paid writing jobs and the freelancing cheques are coming in pretty nicely. All money for that travel fun.

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Leaving work

David has been given dates for leaving his job which is a relief. He will be out 6-7 weeks before we leave for Bangkok. He will have that time to try find remote work or start freelancing too. Exciting yet scary.

What is next?

Work, work, work. We want to earn as much money as possible before we go. I need a new passport and we need to order our vaccinations and insurance – but we cannot do that until Travis is at least two. Insurance looks like it will be £800 for the trip to be properly covered so I plan to freelance the balance of that and pay it in one payment. I will keep you updated with my freelancing insurance challenge.

Travis and I are heading to Spain next month for 8 days with my Mum. We will be staying in Calella and exploring Costa Brava and Barcelona.

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four months until take off

We are also working on making more money from our website so it gives us a little spending money when we travel. I am writing a travel sponsorship course too to help others gain free travel through their blogs. I hope to finish this in July while Travis is on holiday with his Nana and Grandad. We have lots of learning to do to get our site up there and where we want it to be…

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Wish us luck!

Four months until take off: Our family travel plans for South East Asia #travel #familytravel
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Only four months until take off and we leave everything behind #travel #southeastasia
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