Review: Frankie & Bennie’s Straiton

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Restaurant: Frankie & Bennie’s Straiton

Location: Straiton Retail Park near Edinburgh

Date: Numerous, most recent April 12 2017


This Frankie & Bennie’s chain restaurant is in a good location outside of the city of Edinburgh. It used to be one of only a few choices for a sit down meal in the busy shopping area but more recently some other fast food chains have opened meaning there is much more variety on offer. the restaurant is well kept and organised with friendly staff who are always on the ball and ready to serve or help when you need it.

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This Frankie & Bennie’s Straiton area is in a shopping park so there is a lot of parking available making it easy to access and easy to park up and walk over to.


I have usually found the food to be spectacular quality though there has been a couple of occasions where the same dish has been completely different than the last time I had it. I have experienced a pasta here that was still swimming in the water it had been boiled in which diluted the state and made it taste like eating dishwater. On our last visit we had chicken wings to start, although they were delicious we felt that they were a bit dry and could have had a bit more sauce on the coating.

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Frankie & Bennies Straiton
Could have done with a bit more sauce on the coating

Typically the food is high quality and I have started to try new things here outside of what I usually have. The food is usually bursting with flavour and it is hard to stop eating even when I am full.


So many different kinds of people eat at Frankie & Bennie’s Straiton. We have come across dates, couples, families, friends and so much more. We have gone here before and after the Fringe festival as a stop-off for food, we have spent birthdays here and much more. You could really come across anyone in Frankie & Bennie’s Straiton.

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Frankie & Bennies Straiton
Travis and Tasha at Frankie and Bennie’s in 2017

My favourite part

I love the choices of food. There is always a lot on offer and the menu always leaves me stuck for what to choose because it all sounds so good.

My least favourite part

We were disappointed on our last visit to be able to download vouchers for free food, and to only be told later that they only apply to a certain menu. This had not been stated on any of the marketing materials so it was a real disappointment.

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Frankie & Bennies Straiton
Our vouchers did not even work with the menu we ate off

Have you been to Frankie & Bennie’s Straiton?

Frankie & Bennies Straiton
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  • I’ve never been but I would definitely try this out if I’m in the area. It really is hard to find good quality place to dine in near rail stations. But you’re lucky that you have found a go-to!

  • Your description about any restaurants are very detailed and helpful. I like your Things to Do and Least Favourite part. I dont know whether I will go there but surely refer to my friends who goes there quite often.

  • While when we travel we like to we always try to eat local and avoid chains, but when at home we have a couple of regular spots ourselves. There is something comfortable about familiarity. Seeing the same faces, knowing the staff, and having a favorite dish is like being home away from home.

    • So true. Actually we are exactly the same. We only use chains for example in the airports or something. But back home we like to try them out when we are in the city

  • I like your honest review of this restaurant. It looks wholesome and family-friendly. If I have experienced about the issue with the pasta, I might not come back anymore. I also like to eat at the local restaurants near where I live. It is kinda disappointing when suddenly they’d serve your favorite dish but it was off.

    Iza c/o (Fill My Passport)

    • Exactly Iza. You just don’t want to be let down when you think a place is reliable. Happy to say I have been back since and it was very nice.

  • I’ve been to a couple of Frankie and Benny’s and certainly found them to bit a bit hit and miss. I think it all depends on keeping staff consistent in the kitchen, but when they are pumping out the masses of food that they do on a daily basis, it is easy to see how things can sometimes go wrong – like your watery pasta.

  • The big foodie that I am, I enjoy checking out interesting restaurants. I am curious if this restaurant serves vegan food. I liked the way you wrote this review. Gives a wholesome perspective.

  • Frankie & Bennies looks like a great place for a meal. I would be eating out there on a date with my 3 year old daughter, she’d probably share my dish! It’s a shame about the vouchers, that is annoying when they are not clearly marketed.

  • Had not heard of Frankie Bennies before and good to know they serve vegan and have a chain in the UK. Would love to give it a try!

  • Trying new food on holiday is always fun and even better when it is as family and kid friendly as this!! The kids haven’t been to Scotland but we would love to visit. Now we know where to eat!

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