Review: Freedom Junkies Social Media Management

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Course: Freedom Junkies Social Media Management

Date enrolled: December 2016


The Freedom Junkies social media management course is written and directed by Nicole and her husband Michael. They have been high earning social media managers themselves and run a busy and successful group of social media managers through Facebook. They used social media management to travel the world for the past 5 years so are very reliable sources.

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The course is well structured and covers everything you could imagine and more.


 The course is studied completely online via the Freedom Junkies website. Each student gets a log in where they can access the course bit by bit. The course is made up of videos, PDFs and downloads which make it a really nice mix of learning methods.


Each student is also invited to the Freedom Junkies Students Facebook group where they can ask for support and advice. Everyone is also given contact information for Nicole and can add her personally on Facebook. She will personally respond to every question and will go out of her way to find you an answer if she doesn’t have one right away.

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You can also rely on the other students in the group to help you out.


Social media is a fast paced industry and things change and new platforms become available. Nicole doesn’t make you pay for new information. She updates the course which you have lifetime access to.

Just recently she began to re-write the whole course and all students have access to all of her new material, free-of-charge.

My favourite part

I loved how well everything is explained, and I love that we can just go to Nicole with questions if we miss something or think of questions during the course. I have gone to Nicole with questions outside of social media management and she has gone out of her way to help me.

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My least favourite part

I was so damn excited to get started (and finished) with the course because of just how much it has to offer. The course is released weekly and I was always dying to get my hands on the next part. This is the only thing that I didn’t like about it, but Nicole recently took a poll and other voted the same way so she proposed to change that in the future. Yay!


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