Category: Digital Nomads

Welcome digital nomads, or digital nomad wannabees. You have likely stumbled upon these archives because you want to learn how to run your own digital based business. Probably you want to run a fully online business from your laptop and live the ultimate laptop lifestyle.

You are on the right page to find the information and resources to help you achieve that goal.

My posts typically focus on ways to become a digital nomad as a website owner or blogger. My main focus is my travel blog (Meldrums On The Move) and things brings me some income every month. I do though also run an online direct sales business with my own website which I make sales from too. I will go into more detail about how to make money from an online business like this in future posts as it is all fully online and payment is automated in the same way affiliate marketing works.

If you have anything you’d like to cover about making money online please email requests to