How to get your first job freelancing on Upwork

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Freelancing is something many people could only dream about. Well in this article I am going to let you know exactly how I manage to do it. Becoming a professional freelancer has allowed me to give up my full time job and travel around the globe with my dearest loved ones, which seemed impossible while in a normal nine till five job. Imagine working from your dream location? This is exactly what becoming a professional freelancer allows you to do.  So how did I do it then? Freelancing on Upwork is my answer.

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Upwork is a global freelancing platform where professional freelancers and business’s can look for work or advertise jobs they would like completed. This ultimate platform has around twelve million registered freelancers and around five million registered clients. Due to the number of clients around three million jobs are posted annually, worth approximately one billion dollars, ranking Upwork number one in its market compared to competitors.

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There is a huge variety of jobs that clients are looking for, ranging from website development to working as a virtual assistant for a client. However just because there is a huge variety of jobs doesn’t mean jobs are easy to come by. With twelve million other professional freelancers also looking to snap up the jobs you really need to offer something unique that makes you stand out.

Getting started

First of all creating your profile. Now you really need to make your profile unique and offer different services compared to freelancers already registered with Upwork. If not and you fall into the same category of many, many other freelancers then you run the chance of being rejected as there are too many freelancers too similar and offer the same skills as you. So to that end, be unique, learn different skills and qualities.

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Another great way to improve your profile is by doing the tests on Upwork to prove to clients you know what your talking about and they can see you have completed the test. This could be the difference between you getting the job compared to a freelancer who hasn’t done the test on the Upwork platform.


Looking Professional

For every job you do, always keep the job going through Upwork. What I mean by that is make sure the client pays you through Upwork. I have personally had a bad experience where I took jobs on with two different clients who wanted to pay me through other means, me being new to this I was just stoked to having landed my first couple clients so being paid through other means didn’t bother me. However a massive mistake and resulted in me being around $500 dollars down. So my first tip is, always get paid through Upwork. There is another benefit of being paid this way is your profile will gain hours worked by freelancing on Upwork which clients can also see.

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My last tip is do cheap jobs to start with. By doing cheap jobs you will be working up your hours, there for making your profile stand out more and making you look more professional. Sure the pay wont be to great to start with. However making your profile look professional and more appealing will attract bigger clients to choose you over other freelancers in the future. Another benefit to doing cheap jobs is you will start to gain five star reviews making you also look better than other freelancers.

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