Review: Fruiturday Chiang Mai

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Restaurant: Fruiturday Chiang Mai

Location: Just inside Tha Phae Gate, Chiang Mai Old Town

Date: May, 2016


Fruiturday Chiang Mai is in the beautiful Old Town of Chiang Mai. We came here for breakfast on our first morning in the city, and it was actually one of the only places open at the time. We ordered fruit platters to share and managed to finish them off. The fruit was super fresh, freshly chopped and really delicious.

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Because it was morning and quite quiet around the Old Town we have no problem getting a seat at the high bar outside. I can imagine it would be hard to get a seat if it was any busier though.


Fruiturday Chiang Mai is right inside the Old Town to right after you enter through Tha Phae Gate. It is easy to spot. The street is called Rachadamnoen Road.


We got fresh fruit platters and were not disappointed. There were different options of what you could get but we decided on a whole platter to share among us. We ate the whole lot, it was so good. It was really fresh, and freshly prepared.

Fruiturday Chiang Mai


There was no one else at Fruiturday Chiang Mai when we went. I recon it gets a lot of hipsters and health buffs. The fruit is fresh and delicious so it would cater to anyone. We will be taking Travis here often when we are living in Chiang Mai.

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My favourite part

I loved the view while we ate. We sat at a tall bar area outdoors looking on to the road. You could see down to the Old Town walls and gate and it was just a lovely place to watch the world go by.

My least favourite part

I actually cannot think of something I didn’t like. If I had to complain about something I’d maybe change the forks, they were tiny plastic things that meant the fruit juice got all over your hands making you sticky!

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  • Sounds like my kind of place! I love fruit, especially really fresh fruit. The presentation of the platter was also well done and looks extremely appetizing.

  • What an interesting idea for a cafe/restaurant – Just fresh fruit! It look fresh and tasty and the way the fruit is cut is great!

  • Such a wonderful experience you got.
    Chiang Mai is still in my dream destination. I will look out for a place with good view to have my food.

  • I have often worried what would happen if I visit South East Asia one day. I am a vegetarian and have heard that these countries are not really vegan friendly. After reading your blog, I know that I can stick to fruits. This place looks great for a fruity breakfast.

  • Chiang Mai sounds like a great destination to add to our bucket list. We would definitely consider your recommendation to visit the Fruiturday Chiang Mai for fresh fruits and for the view over the old town.

    • If you have never been before you need to check out Chiang Mai. We are moving there for a month, a month in one city because we love it so much

  • This sounds like a great option to get your fruit portion of the day! It is nice to have fresh fruits while traveling. The bar area seems like the perfect spot to look out to the old town!

  • Those cute little fruits! I wish I could have something like that every morning. I love how they make fruit like art and create different little shapes with them!

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