Three words to describe a Fuerteventura holiday

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To remember an experience well, and in detail, you need to have more than pictures. Its great to use words to remind you of a place. That is why I have written down three words that remind me of a Fuerteventura holiday. We visited Fuerteventura in December 2016 and loved it!

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Everything on a Fuerteventura holiday is colourful. That goes for the sky, the sea and the buildings. There is amazing artwork everywhere you look. Some places do not really decorate the buildings, but Fuerteventura is not one of those places. The buildings are all wonderful colours, it actually makes the place feel really tropical. Our apartment was yellow! It was so bright and wonderful I actually loved waking up everyday and looking outside. The skies were so clear and bright it was a pleasure to get out every day.

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Fuerteventura holiday
Colourful Maxorata apartments

A very British Fuerteventura holiday

This might sound a bit mad, since it is a Spanish island. The island did really remind me of Britain though. There are a lot of expats here. A lot of the businesses are run by British people and so it is a really great place for people who really want a piece of home with them. You can get all the comforts of home here, including food and conversation. Its a nice place if that is what you are looking for.

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Fuerteventura holiday
Scottish bar in Corralejo


This applies to most places but more specifically Puerto Del Rosario. There are massive sculptures and whole buildings covered in art everywhere you look. It is absolutely stunning and really fascinating. You could walk around this town and have a whole display or art for the day, absolutely free. We found a lot of really cool sculptures in Corallejo too. Not only that there were people doing braids, juggling and being mimes all around the town. You can also find a whole host of live music in Corralejo everywhere you look, there are signs up promoting musical events happening. It is really a place that appreciates the arts.

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Three words to describe a Fuerteventura holiday #canaryislands #familytravel
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Fuerteventura holiday was absolute paradise! #travel #fuerteventura
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