Review: The George Hotel Walkerburn

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Restaurant: George Hotel Walkerburn

Location: Galashiels Road in Walkerburn

Date: September 2017


One of the things I wanted to before I left Scotland on our gap year was have a big lunch with my girls before I left. We managed to get a date in the diary for two weeks before I left and we decided on The George Hotel Walkerburn. We had heard great things about this place, the food was meant to be amazing and the whole building had been refreshed and updated and was meant to be looking amazing.

The George Hotel Walkerburn

I was quite surprised with the look and feel of the bar when I went in. It was very fresh and modern and I was surprised a little place like this existed in a small town like Walkerburn. We were greeted and served quickly and taken care of throughout our stay (almost 5 hours!!)


The George Hotel Walkerburn is on the main road in Walkerburn. This is called Galashiels Road. It is quite near The Premier shop and is easy to spot, since it is one of the only hotels in the town and the only one on this main road.


The menu was quite impressive, but I noticed there was absolutely nothing for someone who was Vegan which was a bit of a disappointment so I had to take a step back and be vegetarian for the day. (I am not 100% strict on my food but like to lead a healthy lifestyle.) The only vegetarian meal was macaroni cheese so I picked that. It came in quite a small tub, which seemed okay for a lunch-time meal. It was served with salad, a small bit of coleslaw, chips and garlic bread.

The George Hotel Walkerburn
The macaroni cheese

Everything on the plate tasted good, I wished the cheese flavour had been stronger but it may have been the fact that I was bunged up with a cold so I would happily try again to find out.

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You could meet anyone in here. People travel from all over to enjoy meals in The George Hotel Walkerburn. You also get the locals in for food and a drink at the weekends.


This place is fresh and well decorated. My favourite part was the huge window in the back showing off the incredible view of the river and countryside.

The George Hotel Walkerburn
The amazing view


I cannot think of anything I did not like here. We were treated well and the food was great.

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