Go walk Scotland: A soggy day in the Scottish Borders

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We really enjoy heading out to go walk Scotland, more specifically in our hometown of Walkerburn. Walkerburn is a rainy town in Southern Scotland which boasts many puddles and soggy grass.

Go walk to clean the dirty buggy

After a rather damp walk through the grass last night, we managed to have a buggy covered in grass, stones and anything else that sticks! It was really getting on my nerves since we keep the buggy in the house. To try to solve this I decided to take Travis on a treasure hunt (see more of our adventures here)… for puddles! Sounds mad doesn’t it?! We headed off down the avenue, but decided to stick to paved roads since its still rather wet here in Scotland.

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go walk Scotland
Scottish Thistles

Our route

We pottered down the avenue where we met a brave snail, out in all its glory, crossing the path! Next we headed down an alley and toward the bridge over the River Tweed. This route takes us through our small village, where we can wave to our neighbours before heading off into beautiful and breathtaking views of the valleys.

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go walk Scotland
Views toward Glenbenna

Go walk Scotland – the back roads

Heading out toward the back roads, as we call them here, we came across thistles. Afterward we found the signs for the nearby towns. These featured names such as Glenbenna and Elibank which gave me a little giggle at how very ‘Scottish’ the walk was becoming! We carried on up the back road a little, until it became too much for Travis and he fell asleep. Of course I turned back. I then came across a lovely memorial bench hidden in the greenery. I scoured it for a name and pondered the story of the woman mentioned on it. Afterward I headed on back to Walkerburn – not without rolling Travis through some puddles first!

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go walk Scotland
Very Scottish signage


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Would do you like to go walk Scotland?

go walk Scotland
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