Good parenting: Why I embrace the microadventure

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Ok parents, we all love adventure right?? I know it can be difficult as a working Mum or Dad to find the time to practice good parenting and enjoy every day with your little one. That is why I think it is so important to embrace small experiences and adventures (check out my blog about swimming!) I had Travis out at the park a few days ago, nothing special, no big adventure. It was just a quick walk down to our local park before I began work that day.

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good parenting
The walk to the park

Making each day special

He really enjoys it there and I think it is important as a part of good parenting to make each day as special as it can be. This is especially true if I am working that day. I work from home and those days where I do a long shift can be quite dull for him. I have noticed he is a much happier boy with a brighter personality when we are out exploring. For us this means creating an adventure for ourselves no matter where we are. So who am I to deny him that enjoyment!? Anyways, back to the park.

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good parenting
Enjoying the swing

Playing around

We played around on all of the toys available at the park and I let Travis lead me to where he wanted to try out. He took me over to the bigger swings so I decided to go on it with him. I let him sit on my knee while I rocked us back and forth. This might sound so simple but it was honestly one of my greatest ‘Mum’ moments. Travis wrapped his arms rounds me and snuggled in while we went back and forth, I honestly thought he was asleep for a minute!

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good parenting
Bumpy path near the park

It was wonderful and a very powerful experience. It was at that time I vowed to always embrace the micro-adventures, no matter how small and close to home they are. Because you never know when your precious moments will be created.

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Do you have any good parenting tips? What do you consider good parenting skills?

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Making memories is good parenting!
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