Why I jumped off a cliff in Grand Canyon Chiang Mai

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In May this year I finally took a trip to Grand Canyon Chiang Mai Thailand that I had been dreaming of for a very, very long time. I always said to myself that I would not be that girl who settled for a life in her hometown. Settled down with a local and had a baby. Guess what? At 25 I had my son, to my partner who had lived 2 miles from me for years, and we bought a house locally and settled down.

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This is the kind of life that terrified me. I kind of drifted into what society considers the perfect life. We were earning great money and had a beautiful kid. Sure I did it all in a round-about way… I mean I took my University exams at 32 weeks pregnant. But I done all those boring things I was ‘supposed’ to do.

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David was sent away for months for work and I was becoming really good at being a Mum. I was even super broody for a while longing for another big belly for a while. Hours I’d waste browsing the internet and the wanderluster in me would stare at the great deals on Holiday Pirates.

Booking Thailand

One particular search brought up some very cheap flight to Thailand and I had them booked within the week! I could not believe I was finally getting to see Thailand after dreaming about it for so long. So many people told me it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I totally agreed. I was a Mum now and about to graduate and so I should be thinking of finding myself a good job to pay for the bills. I should not have been dreaming of cliff jumping Thailand.

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We flew to Thailand on May 1st and enjoyed a night on the crazy Khaosan road in Bangkok. Chiang Mai was the next stop. Time to spend some time relaxing and exploring.

Exploring Chiang Mai

We explored a lot of Chiang Mai on the day we arrived and were totally smitten with the beauty and temples. After a lengthy and interesting massage we were eager for something else to do. We found an article about The Grand Canyon Chiang Mai and hailed a Tuk Tuk to take us there.

Grand Canyon Chiang Mai
The Grand Canyon, Chiang Mai

The Grand Canyon Chiang Mai was stunning and so uncrowded too. This place was a hidden treasure! The yellow cliffs and gorgeous blue water collected in the lagoon were mesmerising. There were a lot of people here who we could see came to do Grand Canyon cliff jumping.

Grand Canyon Chiang Mai
The beautiful Canyon

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Deciding to jump

I am first to admit I became really boring when I became a Mum, maybe even long before then! This is just not the person I had pictured myself being. This was not my path.The Tuk Tuk driver had told us horror stories about tourists jumping from the Grand Canyon Chiang Mai and was so scared. Many people jumped as I watched and I had to have a word with myself. I did NOT come to Thailand to avoid fun and challenges. Thailand was meant to get me excited about life, to force me to start living it to the fullest.

Grand Canyon Chiang Mai
In the water

Other girls were talking about Grand Canyon cliff jumping and I realised I was being a woos. I walked right over there and jumped without thinking. You have enough time of your drop to shit yourself and regret the decision. But you know what? I felt AMAZING. I was so proud of myself for doing it. I had this awesome tale from my travels to share that was not boring, or not just a normal travel story. I was so proud too since I had been on crutches quite some time before and my effort in working about helped me grain the strength to do something like this.

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Why you should jump too

If you are feeling lost, and need to know you have a ‘real’ you in there somewhere, consider doing something that really tests you. If you do not then your fears become your limits. I truly believe if I hadn’t jumped the cliff this day I would not have the guts to have started my own business when I came home. My dreams would be just that, a dream. Not something I chase with every inch of my being, determined to be a bit more than I am now.

Watch me jump the Grand Canyon Chiang Mai in this video. Its not the best quality and you can barely tell it is me. But it is, and I am awesome! I jumped that cliff with (almost) no fear. Now I know I can be adventurous and I know there is more to me than being a small-town Mum.

Have you jumped the Grand Canyon Chiang Mai ? Or done any cliff jumping Thailand?

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I jumpedthe Grand Canyon Chiang Mai but can you? Check out one of Chiang Mai's most natural attractions
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Maybe you have visited Grand Canyon Chiang Mai Thailand? Did you jump the cliff?
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