A great Scottish walk into Glenbenna

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Before we leave on our epic family adventure we are staying with family in and around different parts of Scotland. We recently stayed with Davids family in The Scottish Borders where we decided to embark upon a great Scottish walk into a tiny town called Glenbenna which is right beside Walkerburn.

great Scottish walk
Halfway up the hike in Glenbenna

The great Scottish walk begins

The best way to begin this walk is actually from Walkerburn. We crossed the old rail bridge and followed the road up to Glenbenna where we took a right on to a rocky road. We followed this road which was an upward slope all the way through the valleys and hills until we reached a flatter area where we could relax a little more.

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great Scottish walk
The path started to flatten out a little to make the walk easier

 You can actually follow this hike for a huge loop and climb some interesting hills in the area while passing some great history. The great part is you can follow only part of it and turn back. That is what we decided to do.

Reaching the top

When we got to the end of the rocky road we decided to turn back. This was for a mix of a few reasons, our £3 Primark shows were beginning to tear and stones were coming inside our shoes, the sun had set and the road ended and became just a grassy hike. We knew we would need better equipment to continue so we daydreamed at the mansion we found before turning back to go home.

great Scottish walk
The houses had pretty gardens

The houses we found at the top were spectacular. Beautiful paved drives in the middle of the Scottish hills and Scottish forest, balconies which looped the whole home, huge clean windows looking out on to the Scottish forests. This great Scottish walk has led us to find something so spectacular and got us day dreaming about what kind of house we would build when we settle down.

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Turning to head home

Heading back down the hill was nothing spectacular. We stopped to watch the sunset for a while and enjoyed watching the sheep run around. We were actually really pleasantly surprised with the beauty that was so near to us that we had never seen before.

great Scottish walk
The sunset was beautiful

We did stop and pose for a few photographs with the view, because who wouldn’t?!

great Scottish walk
Admiring the view

If you are looking for a great Scottish walk then we highly recommend the Scottish Borders because there are plenty. If you want easy nature trails we have them, extended hikes, camping and even wild mountain biking trails. You can enjoy walking the quiet roads here too. The Scottish Borders is where your next great Scottish walk awaits. There are plenty of other free things to do in Southern Scotland so hikes are not your only option either.

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It is time to enjoy the great Scottish walk you always wanted. | Scotland | Hiking | family travel | Scottish Borders | Glenbenna | Walkerburn | Innerleithen #scotland #hiking
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It is time to enjoy the great Scottish walk you always wanted. | Scotland | Hiking | family travel | Scottish Borders | Glenbenna | Walkerburn | Innerleithen #scotland #hiking
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