Highlights of Bahia de San Antonio Ibiza

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If you are planning to visit Bahia de San Antonio Ibiza you might be wondering what there is to do. That really depends on WHEN you go. I cannot speak for high season, but I assume there is plenty to do then. We went in low season when everything was closed so we did a lot of walking and exploring to find things to do.

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Here are our highlights from Bahia de San Antonio Ibiza and our exploring walks.

The rocky beaches

Everyone goes abroad in search of those white (or now pink?!) beaches right. They want to relax in a hammock or brown themselves beside the white sand. We are a little different. Adventure is our game. Of course we need to make it amusing for our 1 year old (who is two tomorrow!!) That is why we love the rocky beaches.

Bahia de San Antonio Ibiza
Travis and Tasha out on the rocks

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The provide Travis a cool challenge. We get to climb, jump and carefully place out feet in the hopes not to land in the sea. It is exciting. I have always enjoyed rock pooling since I have been a kid and used to visit Berwick-upon-Tweed with my family. It was one of our main activities there and we were even shown how to properly explore the rock pools safely on a school trip.

Bahia de San Antonio Ibiza
Another of the rocky beaches in Bahia de San Antonio Ibiza

Bahia de San Antonio Ibiza has plenty of these rocky beaches around if you are willing to go explore. They reminded me a lot of the lava beaches on Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. You can buy a little fishing net and try catching something, pick up and throw rocks into the sea, look for animals in the water and hop around to find mini waterfalls.

Abandoned beaches

We found abandoned places everywhere, I think it was the season, or maybe we went when everyone was having a siesta?! Almost every beach we went to was really quiet and abandoned down this area. We saw an old waterpark and decided to head down and explore the area on the odd-chance that it might be open. It wasn’t, but our curiosity rewarded us greatly.

Bahia de San Antonio Ibiza
Travis and Tasha using the loungers at the beach

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We had landed on Reggae Reggae beach which was totally abandoned. There were loungers free to use, water boat toys left around, cafes left set up. You name it it was there. We even saw what looked like a wedding area staged at the back of the beach. This place was stunning. We enjoyed some time here with one 2/3 other people around.

Bahia de San Antonio Ibiza
The abandoned cafe

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Bahia de San Antonio
An abandoned wedding set up at the beach

Getting in the water

Everyone body wants to have swam in the Mediterranean Sea! It was soooo cold most days but it did warm up later on. We managed to get in the water a couple of times on our afternoon walks because the heat made you wanna dive right in. The cool refreshing water was so inviting.

Bahia de San Antonio Ibiza
Enjoying the cool water

We got in in the rocky beaches and the sandy beaches. Both was just as fun! Though you do need to be careful for sea urchins in the water near the rocks. Watch out for those!

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Have you visited Bahia de San Anonio? What did you like best about it?

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