A walking tour of Ibiza Town for families

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We spent most of our trip in San Antonio in Ibiza but we did go to Ibiza Town for our last day. Ibiza town is a great place to have a nice family day out. We were there for one day only, and I cannot say that more than one way would be exciting for families but as a day trip, this is what you can expect of Ibiza Town for families.

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Playing in the play parks

Ibiza is the best ‘kid friendly’ place we have visited when it comes to the amount of playparks and parks in general. If you are looking for an island with a number of free things to do with the kids then Ibiza is the place. If you want to pay to do fun activities then do not go to Ibiza in low season. You will be highly disappointed. However, Ibiza Town for families was the highlight of our low season trip to Ibiza.

Highlights of Ibiza Town for families
Play park in the Dalt Vila

Each play park in Ibiza Town for families has a lot to offer here. The one we found at the Dalt Vila had three levels with cool and interesting rides I had never even seen before!

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Visiting the Fort and the ruins

In the Old Town (Dalt Vila) there is a Fort which you can go and explore. As I mentioned above there is play parks by the walls so we spent our time in here because it was more shaded and did not require climbing a bunch of steps with a baby and a buggy. We still got some awesome views of the Fort walls and I’d highly recommend it to families who are visiting Ibiza Town.

Highlights of Ibiza Town for families
Trying to pose beside the enormous walls

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Ibiza town for families
The Fort walls

Taking a walk along the Marina

Travis fell asleep at an open park in the town so we decided to go exploring while he slept. It can be harder when the kiddies are awake and super sleepy because they become really grouchy. We found the Marina which is paved right along so you can enjoy a lovely long walk along it taking in the wonderful views and the smell of the fresh sea air.

marina ibiza town for families
The pathway along the Marina

There was also a small market area at the very start of the walkway and smaller markets appeared again further down dotted in front of shops and cafes. We found some cute side streets off the Marina offering shaded and cute restaurants with wonderful menus.

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marina old boat ibiza town for families
An old army boat in the harbor

You can walk right up to the edge of the harbor and enjoy the views of the boats. You can even book and embark upon a boat ride from here.

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Enjoy the green spaces

One of our favourite parts of Ibiza Town was the Parc de la Pau. It was a big green space in the middle of town that had a play park in it but much, much more. It has a pond with bridges to explore, water fountains and a succulent plant garden. There were food stalls and seating everywhere with shade or sunny options.

Ibiza town for families
Travis having fun with the birds in the green space

You can even add in the beach on this walking tour, we did, but a word of warning, boobs are everywhere. Hence no picture this time!

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Have you been to Ibiza town? What would you consider must-sees in Ibiza Town for families?

A walking tour of Ibiza Town for families #ibiza #familytravel
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