The history of Walkerburn, Scotland

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Walkerburn is a small town in the Scottish Borders. It is only 2 miles for the town of Innerleithen, and around 8 miles from Galashiels. There is a lot of history of Walkerburn for such a small town.

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The town was established in 1854. Originally it was a town created for people to work in the factory which was built here. The town was quite busy as the railway connected it with the rest of the local area, but the closure of that meant the town got very quiet and shops began to close down. On this day there is only 1 Premier store which doubles as a Post Office, there is an Art Store and a used furniture store. Businesses are slowly moving to busier towns though there are still a few employers in the town considering the small size of the place.

history of walkerburn
History sign in Walkerburn

It was Henry Ballantyne who created the town and the factory and the factory is still running today. Davids Dad actually works there. There are a lot of places in his memory around Walkerburn including the HB Club. The Club is a small drinking establishment that runs events regularly in aid of the town.

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history of walkerburn
The Henry Ballantyne Club

World War One

During the war Walkerburn had the highest casualty rate in comparison to its population compared with any other place in Scotland. There is  war memorial to commemorate the people hurt and lost during the war. The original war memorial was stolen, then returned, so there are actually two versions of this memorial in the town.

history of walkerburn
One of the War Memorials beside a small garden

There are other plaques and memorials around the town which you can visit easily in an hour or two on foot. It is a beautiful place to visit and will definitely give you peace and relaxation. You can also visit what was named as the Best Hotel in Scotland here.

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Walkerburn today

Walkerburn now has around 450 homes, with over 600 residents. There are not many shops so most people drive for shopping and work. There is a beautiful cafe that people travel from other places to visit.

The history of Walkerburn
Walking out the back road of Walkerburn

The original school still stands and a small number of children attend here. Walkerburn still boats a bowling community and has its own rugby team. You can safely walk the trails and roads of Walkerburn to enjoy the outdoors.

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