Review: Holiday Inn Chiangmai Hotel

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Hotel: Holiday Inn Chiangmai Hotel

Date: May 3rd-5th, 2016

Room: Superior King Suite with River View


Arriving in this hotel we immediately felt out of place. This is a 4 star hotel and we rocked up with backpacks, hangovers and sweaty bodies. Only to be greeted by men in suits and those guys who take your luggage for you. Some really, really strange looks were thrown our way and we knew we had come to the wrong place but we couldn’t resist a few nights of luxury. The hotel was stunning. There were marble floors and gorgeous wooden reception desks. The waiting area had a sofa and there were stalls and stores offering goodies in the lobby.

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Holiday Inn Chiangmai Hotel
Holiday Inn Chiangmai Hotel, Lobby

It took quite some time to check in which became frustrating. The same happened on check out. The rooms were gorgeous and each one boasted amazing views of Chiang Mai. Our room looked out on to the river and right across to the Old City. Everything was clean and we were provided with more than we could have ever asked for.

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Holiday Inn Chiangmai Hotel
Views from the room


The hotel was located outside of the centre of Chiang Mai. It was still really close to the Old City through and we managed to get there no problem. There were a few nice places to eat nearby, but a lot of them had no English menus and spoke no English. We still managed to get some amazing food, at amazing prices though. A couple of Tuk Tuk drivers sit outside so its easy enough to go places.

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Sleep was a bit problem for me here. The air-con was super noisy and I just felt unsettled. The room and bed were amazing. Both were comfortable and enjoyable and we even had a sofa incase I got too uncomfortable on the bed.

Holiday Inn Chiangmai Hotel
Our room

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A lot of the people staying at the Holiday Inn Chiangmai Hotel were business type people. There were a bunch of Chinese businessmen who had come down from the North and were being carted back up without enjoying the city. Overall this was not a backpacker hotel, but we really liked it. We found a lot of people came to enjoy the spa and massages too.

My favourite part

The pool here was awesome. It was halfway up the building, outside, so it offered a great way to see the city. The views were spectacular and the sun was on the pool and loungers which was great.

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Holiday Inn Chiangmai Hotel
The pool

My least favourite part

Unfortunately the staff here made us feel really out of place. They told us we had to pay a deposit and then randomly doubled the cost of the deposit after already confirming it. It made us feel like criminals and we were worried it might be a scam but we did manage to get it all back.

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Holiday Inn Chiangmai Hotel
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  • Again, another hotel with an good pool which I think is needed in Asian/very hot countries. Holiday Inn is alright in Europe, a bit basic but serves the needs but in Asia looks like they make more of an effort in décor/customer service etc. Great honest review.

    • I agree. We always need a pool out there, as Scots we are just not used to it. I can honestly say that Holiday Inn is far superior in Asia to the hotels in Europe by far. Have stayed in many in the UK too which were no where near as nice

  • wow an expensive double deposit would have made me pissed. So why did you choose a major US chain rather than all the awesome hostels in Chiang Mai? Just curious because when I was there, there was a plethora of airbnb and unbelievable hostels that were in the heart of the old city.

    • We booked it last minute on the ipad in an airport in Bangkok, there wasn’t a lot of choice and we had made a mistake with flights that was leading us to Chiang Mai with no time to research. We had no idea what we were doing really and just wanted something booked!

  • I hate when that happens in luxury hotels. That just because we arent dressed up, we’d be given not so good treatment even though we have the money to pay for all of the luxury.

  • In my old home I had the exact same issue with the air con, can you imagine. So I really feel you on that one, I’ve never gotten used to it and even occasionally moved to the living room!

  • It sounds like this hotel has a lot of pros and cons. I’m always on the look out for a good luxury hotel near the Old Town, and the location seems really good, but it’s too bad they made you feel like outsiders. I tend to look for more boutique or indie hotels with more personal service than chain hotels offer for this reason.

  • The pool looks inviting. It’s a shame that you felt out of place. The staff really makes a lot of difference. Holiday Inn does feel more appropriate for the business traveller.

  • It looks like a beautiful hotel – but it’s a shame you were made to feel uncomfortable. Some people are quick to judge, you could have been secret millionnaires for all they knew. Also annoying about the noisy air con but I guess in Thailand having noisy air con is way batter than no air con! An honest review, well done.

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