Home based business and why now is the time to start one

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Many people are scared to start a home based business because most of the time it comes with a lot of risk. That can be true for brick and mortar businesses, but what if there was another way? Many people are taking to the internet to start profitable organisations all from the comfort of their own home. I even managed to pay for a holiday within weeks of starting an online business.

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I won’t go into what kind of business you could start because that is really your own journey and there are millions of small business ideas, but what I will say is that whatever your niche, someone else on the internet is ready to learn about it.

Are you earning what you are worth?

Have you heard the quote “men with briefcases steal more than men with guns?” There is a lot of truth behind this and it should really get you asking questions. Are you working right now? I wonder how much money your activity at work makes your employer. And just how much of that do they pay you? Are you getting paid what you are worth?

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Why now is the time to start your own home based business #workfromhome

Think of it this way, if you were working for yourself what would you charge for what you do now, is bet it would be more than your wage.

Profits are better than wages

Carrying on from above is learning what Jim Rohn said “profits are better than wages.” This is because profits can escalate quickly, you can earn double, triple, quadruple profits compared to your wage in the same short time. Another thing Jim Rohn said about profits is that “wages earn you a living, profits earn you a fortune!” This is very true if you are willing to put in the work

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home based business
Profits are better than wages

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Home based business for work-Life balance

Another reason to start your own business in 2017 is to get a better work-life balance. This balance is different by definition to everyone, but to me that looks like having more free time to spend with my son, less time glued to the computer, more money in the bank and being able to travel freely while continuing to make money.

home based business

Whatever your ideal life looks like you can create that with your own home based business. The beauty of this is the more you are willing to work on it the more it will reward you for that. Some network marketers work constantly for 3-5 years then retire. The beauty is it’s possible for anyone

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Enjoying what you do

The likelihood is that if you start your own home based business you are going to centre it around something you like and enjoy doing. The more you enjoy what you do the less you feel like it is ‘work.’ To put it another way, do you want to work with people you hate, in a job you hate, for another 40 years?

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There are many reasons people go out on their own to start a business. Just a few of the reasons you should start a home based business are listed above.

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Hopefully these points make you think about your life and how you want to live it, and whether having your own business could help you achieve that

Home based business and why you need one #workfromhome
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Why now is the time to start your own home based business #business #workfromhome
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