Review: Hot Chilli Restaurant Chiang Mai

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Restaurant: Hot Chilli Restaurant Chiang Mai

Location: A few minutes inside Tha Phae Gate, Chiang Mai Old Town

Date: May, 2016


Hot Chilli Restaurant Ching Mai was just a brief stop to refresh for us. We had planned to eat here but I don’t think they were serving the food we wanted at the time so we just relaxed with a couple drinks before moving on.

Hot Chilli Restaurant Chiang Mai

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We loved the vibe of the place. There were umbrellas covering the ceiling and cool swing sofas instead of normal seating. It was a really cool vibe!


Hot Chilli Restaurant Ching Mai is right inside the Old Town to straight up the street after you enter through Tha Phae Gate, not far from Fruiturday. It is easy to spot behind a coffee shop. The street is called Rachadamnoen Road. Just walk up there for a minute or two and you will see this cool red and black place on the left.


We only stopped here for a drink but it was worth mentioning the place cause the vibe is really cool! The black and red give it a cool and romantic atmosphere.  Some of the tables had swings for seats which was super cool. Great photo opportunities in this place!


There were a couple other people in while we were here. Mainly locals but I can imagine later in the day a lot of tourists will come in with it being right in the Old Town.

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My favourite part

I loved the swing seats at Hot Chilli Restaurant Chiang Mai ! Love relaxing and swinging with a glass of water. We also found a useful phrase book here that taught us how to say “don’t want” which became invaluable with all the Tuk Tuks.

My least favourite part

I don’t think we stayed long enough to have a least favourite part! It was a cool place, worth checking out.

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Hot Chilli Restaurant Chiang Mai is a must see #thailand #travel
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You should check out Hot Chilli Restaurant Chiang Mai #thailand #travel
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