How to bargain with the Kenyan locals

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You have probably stumbled across this article because you either want to know how to bargain with the Kenyan locals or are going to be in Kenya. Now shopping in Kenya can be really fun and cheap but could also be very expensive. All the shopping malls and actual shops have set prices and there is no bargaining. However with the carving locals you have to bargain otherwise they are going to rip you off. This is the part I loved.

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How to bargain with the Kenyan locals

Bargaining with the locals

Bargaining with the locals was a lot of fun. I saw many people pay ridiculous prices for certain gifts which people who bargained got for much cheaper. I mainly bargained for the handmade carvings these guys had made. Now don’t get me wrong, some of these carvings were incredible but attached were silly prices.

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You would get a very good laugh with the locals when discussing prices and they were always quick to ask where you were from. This was to then explain where ever you were from, they loved that country. By doing this they hoped you would buy from their shop. By the time I left Kenya for the second time I had bought four carvings, 7 bracelets and a jewelry box.

How to bargain with the Kenyan locals

My favourite local

This local went by the name Lili. I have mentioned Lili in another post. Lili was very relaxed and spoke very good English but most of all, she didn’t harass you to buy from her. Which made a lot of people feel relaxed and in return did buy from her.

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Shopping malls

How to bargain with the Kenyan locals

Now I know you can’t bargain at these malls as they have set prices but these malls were fantastic for shopping. After shopping at a Kenyan shopping mall I was amazed to see how much they actually sold. Also the quality of the products. Some far better than the UK for sure. These malls would not look out of place here in the UK in terms of what they had to offer. The staff in the shopping malls I shopped in were super friendly and were very helpful. They even had an employee bagging at every till which you don’t often see here in the UK.

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