How to beat jetlag – To sleep or not to sleep?

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A topic of many travel conversations: how to beat jetlag. Many of us are now flying back and forth between different timezones. Often people can spend days sleeping well into the day and having to deal with being up half the night. There are ways you can bet jetlag from day one, so you are never missing out on another day of your trip again.

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To sleep or not to sleep?

Sleeping on the plane isn’t always the smartest idea. If you sleep on the plane while on your way to a destination where you will land at night, you are doing yourself more harm than good. You will end up wide awake all night and asleep into the next day. You certainly won’t be beating jetlag using this method.

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To sleep

So you are flying somewhere that you are going to land in the early AM and need to be fresh and ready for your first day? Great. You need to sleep on the plane. Sometimes this means your sleep will be a lot shorter than normal because you are losing hours, or maybe you are trying to get to sleep hours before you normally would. How can you make the most of a sleep so short, or get to sleep as quickly as possible? Lavender! You can get lavender in handy essential oil bottles that are easy to travel with. A few drops of this on a face cloth will help you relax and put you into a deeper sleep.

how to beat jetlag

Our favourite is by How do you aloe? and can be bought easily on our online store. It has way more uses than helping with sleep too and you can find out more about that with our upcoming essential oils guide on aromatherapy.

To sleep – Which seat to choose

If you need to sleep on the plane, then go business class or make sure you have plenty of legroom. You want your sleep to be as comfortable as possible so that you don’t get broken sleep. Choose a window if you can, you are less likely to have to get up often to let other people in and out. The airline staff are less likely to try and wake you for meals if you are more out of their reach too.

how to beat jetlag
Choose your seat wisely

If you can, try to pick a seat that isn’t too close to the front, where the airline staff go back and forth often. The same goes for seats near toilets. It is going to get busy there so try get a good location with no facilities nearby. Most airlines offer seat maps, so you can suss out the layout of the plane and pick the seat that appeals to you most.

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Turn off your devices

Make sure to turn off your phone, iPad, TV… These might help you fall asleep but they keep the mind turned on for most and could use broken sleep and wild dreams.

how to beat jetlag
Turn off your phone if you want a better sleep

Use earplugs

You can use earplugs to get a better sleep on a flight. Our experience with Qatar airlines is they actually provide these for you on their long haul flights. They block out the noise and help to settle you down. They are comfortable and soft on the ears too and can accompany you if you plan to try to sleep in hostels!

Not to sleep

If you are flying to somewhere that you are going to land at night, then you’d be best off not sleeping. This may mean you are forced to stay awake longer than you normally would. There are many tips for boosting energy but I have found two to work best for us.

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Bee pollen

Bee pollen tablets give a great energy boost. There are other products you could use for this, like energy drinks, but bee pollen trumps them all because of its amazing qualities. It isn’t loaded with sugar like energy drinks, and you can easily pack only 1 or 2 tablets to save space on your travels.

how to beat jetlag
Bee pollen from How do you aloe?

The bee pollen tablets can be halfed, or quartered to suit your energy needs. They are also a superfood, so if you plan to get lost in the jungle without food, you could survive on these and water for a while. Bonus. They also help with allergies (hayfever.) You get 100 tablets for only £13.07 so each one costs only 13p. Totally worth every penny and helps in your battle against jetlag.

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Argi +

Maybe you want energy in a liquid form? We use Argi + because of its amazing flavour and how quickly it works. It comes in easy to pack sachets which come in at £1.75 each. You can have up to five per day, so you can top up on energy if you start to flail.

how to beat jetlag
Argi + sachet

You can buy these in a pack of 30 sachets which should be more than enough to last quite a few trips. TIP – these can also be used for sporting. If you plan to do any running or working out on your trips they can help you get through hard workouts too.

Not to sleep – Which seat to choose

The answer is any. If you want to be kept awake, then choose one near a busy area, such as the toilets. The hustle and bustle of people moving past regularly is sure to keep you awake. Take a seat near the aisle too, then you are responsible for letting others in and out as they please.

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Watch a movie

Watching a movie or playing on your phone stimulates the mind. It is likely to keep you a bit more awake than if you have all of these turned off. Perhaps enjoy some sugary snacks with it for a little sugar rush?!

how to beat jetlag
Enjoy a stimulating movie

Have you got any tricks on how to beat jetlag?

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