How to come up new blog post ideas for a travel blog

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Obviously, we are travel bloggers. We run this blog here at Meldrums On The Move. In the beginning of our blogging journey we struggled with coming up with blog post ideas for a travel blog theme. We did a lot or research and a lot of reading before we found some pretty solid tactics for generating blog post ideas for a travel blog.

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The best research

The best kind of research is to answer questions you find yourself asking before you go somewhere. For example before we went to Ibiza I did a lot of Googling for “things to do in Ibiza with kids” or just “Ibiza with children.” There surprisingly were not a lot of answers so that showed me there was room for someone on the blogging scene to start writing about it.

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blog post ideas for a travel blog
What do you Google while planning your trip?

The same goes for any topic. Answer things that you find are lacking answers, if you can find a way to answer them.

Keyword research

The above leads into keyword research. Have a look at keywords and find out what you may rank for, and start to write your posts to rank for those keywords. This is a particularly good tactic if you sell stuff and want to rank to people who are already ready to buy.

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Read other blogs

Read other peoples blog and see what they write about. If you have a niche, great, find others in your niche and see how they write and what topics they focus on.

blog post ideas for a travel blog
We love reading other family travel blogs

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blog post ideas for a travel blog

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How to come up with blog post ideas for a travel blog #travelblog
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How to come up with post ideas for a travel blog #blog
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  • I’m always struggling with ideas, especially with the blog post “title”! When I started blogging, my blog posts were so lengthy and titles were so boring, and I think no one read them! I think I might have improved now …a bit … haha 🙂 Thanks for sharing this.

  • I definitely agree with all these tips! I start with the questions I would have myself as well, and see if there are any answers out there, or if I could provide better answers. A topic generator is such a good idea!

    • That is what I do too!! That something I started recently but my question answering blogs are mainly social media orientated rather than travel

  • Some important tips here on finding topics to blog about. I can imagine Ibiza with kids didn’t show much on Google so well done finding this keyword opportunity. I should take my daughter to Ibiza and write about what there is for kids! This its a wonderful way to use Google as a tool to what you could possibly write about.

  • Great tips! I seem to have the problem of having too many ideas and not enough time to write them all! The google keyword tip is the most useful for me though as I don’t think I optimise my posts for google most of the time!

  • I like your suggestion about creating topics that you cannot find an answer. This is a brilliant idea. I am sure that there are still a lot of topics that have not been covered yet by other bloggers.

  • I love the practical suggestions. I’d admit – even I get lost for ideas sometimes. In some cases, even when you have so many materials, it is about choosing an area of focus that makes it so difficult. You can’t always be writing about the same generic topics that hundreds of other bloggers have already done!

  • Great tips. Researching, and read other blog always help, yet I always trying to stay true to what I already have, and what I have experienced. Writing unique content isn’t easy.

  • Short and quite a useful post. I usually don’t struggle about ideas as I write more about my travel stories but yes, I definitely need to learn time management and write more 🙁 Do share if you have some time management tips for bloggers ( ps : new post idea 😉 )

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