How to dress for the Lebua (and how not to)

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So you watched the movie The Hangover part 2 and you want to go to that gorgeous rooftop hotel bar from the famous helicopter scene? Or maybe you are just obsessed with rooftop anything like me? (Check out how I came to love rooftop pools.) Either way it is a great idea, but if you want to actually get let up to the rooftop bar (unlike us who were turned away) you need to know how they expect you to dress.

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This place is no Khao San Road. There are rules and restrictions. Out of five of us, only one of us was suitably dressed to get in.

The Lebua dress code

We had no idea there was a dress code for the hotel. It makes sense since the place is pretty damn classy. When we arrived and were turned away we were informed that men are advised to wear long trousers, nice shoes and need sleeves on their tops. The top needs to be smart, preferably a shirt.

How to dress for the Lebua
i wore this dress with some nice pumps

For women you need to wear smart bottoms, a skirt if possible. Your top must be quite smart, with sleeves.

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I mentioned above that only one of us was suitably dressed for the Lebua. That was me. I was wearing a dress and some clean, smart pumps I had bought on a little alley between Khao San Road and Rambuttri. I had my hair down and it has a nice wavy look to it. I put on a little makeup to cover any blemishes.

What not to wear

We were travelling with two Canadian girls at the time. When I saw how they were dressed when we met I felt like they looks fantastic. I actually wanted to change to look more like them as their style was awesome. They both had denim shorts on with a nice black drop top. Both had one really smart sneakers and looks clean and tidy. Lebua, however, felt differently. They told the girls that their shorts were too short and would have had to at least reach their knees.

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The boys were torn apart for their look. They should not have been wearing shorts, vests were not allowed, and neither were hats. I think the boys were quite embarrassed by how their outfits were picked apart by the staff at the Lebua.

How to dress for the Lebua (and how not to)
Us having a drink elsewhere after being turned away at the Lebua

If you want to go to the Lebua and get in you need to dress very plain and very smart. Basically wear as long as possible skirt or shorts, or trousers as a male. The same goes when deciding your sleeve length, wear as long as possible. Anything that makes you stand out or have a little style, just ditch that for the night. Make sure you by no means look like a backpacker.

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Do you have any tips on how to dress for the Lebua ? Have you managed to make it in?

How to dress for the Lebua (and how not to) #thailand #travel
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How to dress for the Lebua #thailand #skybar
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