How to find free volunteer opportunities

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If you are looking for a cheap, but rewarding way to travel you have probably considered volunteering. It can be hard to find volunteering opportunities that are actually affordable though… unless you know where to look. This guide on how to find free volunteer opportunities shows you some great platforms to begin your search.


I only recently heard about helpStay through other travel bloggers who used to get get volunteering opportunities all across the world. As far as I have learnt you pay a small fee (something like $20) to sign up then you have access to every single opportunity available. Amazing right?

how to find free volunteer opportunities
Where could your volunteering take you?


WorkAway is a platform I have spent many hours investigating. There are actually a whole range of opportunities on there. One of the ones I remember most was to live with a remote working couple on Koh Samui and help their children start and run YouTube channels… not bad right? Right now there are hosts 29691 worldwide, and 2140 just in Asia. Where would you pick?

how to find free volunteer opportunities
The beautiful templed land of Thailand?

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how to find free volunteer opportunities
Or the historical hills of Peru?


HelpX is one of the platforms I have known about the longest. It is my favourite for that reason. It is much older looking and lacking a lot of much needed updates to get it up and running more smoothly, but it does it’s job just fine.

how to find free volunteer opportunities
Maybe spend some time in New Zealand?

You can check almost every country of the world here, and you can see upfront how many open positions there are in each place. I like that you can select different locations within a map too, so you know if know where you are looking before getting too attached to a job.

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If you know for sure you want to work with kids then AuPairing is a great option. Basically you go and live with a family and take care of their children. There is usually more to it, maybe you babysit once a month, maybe you teach the children English. Sometimes you cook and clean. It all depends what you and your family want.

how to find free volunteer opportunities

Usually you get your own room with the family in their home, but sometimes they have a guest house or something else so  you have complete privacy. This is one of the most popular options of how to find free volunteer opportunities.

Finding opportunities on Facebook

There are a bunch of freedom lifestyle groups on Facebook right now. A number of them often post opportunities for volunteering of some sort.

Have you got some other advice on how to find free volunteer opportunities?

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