How to get free flights with Flybe

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Most keen travellers have now got some idea about travelling using points. Many have earned free or really cheap travel doing this. Free flights with Flybe is what we bagged on our latest point collection spree. I am going to share with you how to get free flights for yourself too.

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How to get free flights

You can fly from many different places in the UK but obviously since we are closest to Edinburgh that is the example flight I put in. You pay only for the flight with this deal, but you do pay the taxes. For the random destination I chose Amsterdam from Edinburgh. Usually it would cost £150 roughly, for the dates I put in in April. This would be at least halfed with this free bonus! Other examples I tried were to Alicante and it was going to save me over £200 per person who signed up for the free flights.

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Flybe credit card

People bag huge bonuses for signing up to credit cards. Generally you have to pay some money on to them in the first few months, and pay it off, to earn the bonus. If you put things on you buy anyway, e.g. pay your phone bill, dinner, groceries, you can achieve it no problem. The bonuses can greatly outweigh the effort you need to put into earning your offer.

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How to get free flights
Proud to have earned my free flight

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This specific offer is with the Flybe credit card. Not many budget airlines can offer you a way to earn back points or bonuses on your travel so this is a huge deal. To earn your reward you only need to spend £250 within 6 months. I worked out at £40 a month (so maybe just your phone bill) you will achieve this. Then you have it. Free flights!

Extra bonus one – collect air miles

The great thing is that for everything you buy on this card you will earn back air miles with the Flybe Spend & Fly programme! So even what you pay your tax toward your free flight you will earn back on it. If you just use this card for your regular shop you will be earning miles without even thinking about it.

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Extra bonus two – cheaper car rentals

Another great bonus alongside free flights is that with this card is you are going to get 10% off Avis car rental anywhere in the world. How amazing is that? And if you pay for that car on this card… you got it. You earn yourself some miles for doing it.

And if you happen to need a way to get cheap accommodation on your free trip then check out my link to get £30 free credit for AirBnb or claim £15 free for your next hotel!

Do you know any other great credit card rewards in the UK or how to get free flights with other airlines?

How to get free flights with Flybe #travel
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