How to plan your trip to Sri Lanka

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So it is official, we are going to end our 9 month tour of South East Asia in Sri Lanka and India. We are unsure where we will go first we just know that we will go there. Sri Lanka has been on my bucketlist for as long as I can remember so I am very excited by this and have already began to plan my trip there.

trip to Sri Lanka

I wanted to share with you the most useful resources I have found for planning a trip to Sri Lanka.


We always use Skyscanner to plan our trips. This was our first choice for finding flights because we can check costs from multiple cities, change up the dates to fly and use the information about flights to find long layovers allowing you to explore other countries. You can read more about using the layover hack.

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trip to Sri Lanka
In this example we could pick a longer layover in Kuala Lumpar if we wanted to explore, or travel to KL and get a cheaper flight to Colombo

Skyscanner is one of my favourite research tools when it comes to planning a trip because of the multiple options there are for looking at different dates and destinations (for example the fly to Everywhere option) to save money.


Usually I do a lot of research for booking accommodation (which you will you if you have read this article of mine.) When it comes to planning a trip to Sri Lanka things are different. I discovered a company called Olanka Travels who can take care of accommodation for you.

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trip to Sri Lanka

They have a network of over a thousand hotels in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, which varies from guesthouses to star class hotels and luxury boutiques, meaning you have so many more options to pick from. Instead of hours of painless research yourself you can open their website and chat with an operator who can do all of the research for you.

trip to Sri Lanka
Live chat in the bottom right

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The best thing for me is finding excursions all in one place. I have used other companies for looking and researching the area before but it can be herd to know where things are located, how long it takes to get there and how long they last. This is why I love Olanka Travels. You can simply ask the chat host and questions you have.

trip to Sri Lanka
Tour packages listed by length

Their tour packages are also split up into handy sections. There is a top 10 section, packages listed by duration and holiday packages from certain destinations. So useful! They have some great testimonials too so I have great confidence that my trip is safely planned in their hands.

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You could go the old fashioned way and use the public transport or if you want to book privately you can talk with Olanka Travels about this too. You can also check this informative post about transportation in Sri Lanka.

trip to Sri Lanka

I am very happy knowing my trip is in safe hands when travelling with Olanka Travels. I love that Paris is there and able to chat with me and talk me through all of the options available, making me feel comfortable and safe knowing I have picked the right choice. Find out how you can make the most of Sri Lanka in 10 days.

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Have you used Olanka Travels before? What is your favourite resource for planning a trip to Sri Lanka?

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How to prepare for your trip to Sri Lanka #srilanka #travel
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