How to save money in Australia

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After talking with a friend of mine recently about travel, she came up with some pretty obvious but important ways to how to save money in Australia. Her ideas, and experience could help many people save money while living and travelling in Australia. She also had some great ‘need to knows’ before going to Australia.

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Stay in hostels

Many hostels have different options when it comes to rooms. It is not all about huge dorm rooms with a bunch of bunks. Most hostels offer private rooms, the only difference from a hotel here is that you will be sharing a bathroom sometimes. The key word there was sometimes. You will find that some places offer you a private non-en-suite bathroom for you own, private use. To find out the best hostels for your stay in Australia read here.

how to save money in australia
A nicer, private hostel room

Depending on when and where you are travelling, you may find that you are bumped into a better room anyway. My friend was moved to a Tipi at one point, and no one else ended up checking in. This mean she and her friend had the whole Tipi to themselves!

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The other great thing is hostels can boast some pretty awesome facilities. My friends had a rooftop hot tub for their personal use!

Take the night bus

Taking the night bus has many benefits. It can often be cheaper than the daytime alternative. This is because sometimes the journey is slower as people aren’t always in a rush. Taking the night bus also saves money on that nights hotel. This was a trick we used to save money in Thailand too.

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how to save money in australia
Travel at night to save money

Shop like you would at home

A lot of people blow money abroad because the act like they are on a long-term holiday. That will not help you stay on budget especially not in Australia. Staying in a hostel offers the opportunity to use the hostel kitchen. This means you can cook like you would at home. If you are brave you can even batch-cook and save meals for the next days (hoping they won’t be pinched of course!)

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how to save money in australia
Shop like you would at home

Australia is much like the UK when it comes to grocery shopping. Some supermarkets are much more expensive than others. Back home we tend to bulk-buy in the cheaper stores so why not do the same when we travel? It is a good idea to eat some meals at the hostel too rather than eat out all of the time.

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Do you have any tips on how to save money in Australia?

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