How we plan to afford to travel long term

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One of the burning questions when we tell people our travel plans are how we will afford travel long term. People cannot understand where the money will come from for this so we wanted to write it down and share it with you!

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We plan to travel initially for nine months before we return to the UK for a family holiday to Greece. I will focus on those nine months when I detail where our money will come from to pay for the trip.

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The trip

If you haven’t already you should check out our post countdown at the 5 month mark until take off. The trip is explained in there a bit more, and fully in detail in this post, but I will explain briefly where will plan to go during the nine months so you can gauge the enormity of the trip. This is why people cannot grasp how we will afford travel long term. We plan to spend time in the following countries;


Thailand (Bangkok, Kanchanaburi, Chiang Mai)

Hong Kong









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You can see from the list above we will be moving about a lot which means money on flights, buses, trains and taxis. Some of these places aren’t cheap either, take Hong Kong for example… Some require us to pay a visa.

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So where does the money come from?

Social media

First of all I work. It isn’t counted as full time but I work enough to make a good wage per month. I can work from anywhere in the world so I will be doing that while I travel. I have only changed one shift and that is the day I am in Doha, Qatar.

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afford travel long term
I’ll make money from my regular job

Other than this I will be working and turning up to my regular shift working on social media as a content specialist.


We own our house so we will be renting that out while we are gone. Don’t get me wrong the income from this is so small it is almost not worth mentioning, because it all goes back to paying the mortgage, boiler payments and insurance and so on, but we will make enough to eat out once or twice a month somewhere nice once we have paid off a boiler we had installed.

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We have a small savings account for the time we go which we plan to grow and grow until we leave. This will be our safety net while we travel incase something goes wrong or we want to enjoy a place a little more than planned.

afford travel long term
We have some savings


I just got accepted to Upwork so if we need more money I will take on some freelance work. I do a lot of article writing anyway so I will look to write for paying clients if I need to.

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Our blog is making us some money right now through a few different methods. I’ll go into detail about how we make money blogging in future. Our blog also has given us the chance to stay in some hotels, eat in restaurants and more free of charge in exchange for honest reviews of wherever we go. This has saved us money on accommodation in numerous places.

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afford travel long term
We make money blogging

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We earn money in a few different ways as you can see, and that is how we will afford to pay for our trip.

How do you afford long term travel? Business Insider has a great article about affording to travel long term.

How we, and you, can afford long term travel #travel
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The best way to afford long term travel #travel
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How we plan to afford long term travel #travel
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  • Congrats on making the jump to full time travel! The location independent income is the essential part, and having rental income is great too 🙂 I think people fail to think outside the box a lot of the time which is why a lot of people don’t understand, and working online for a legitimate income is still relatively new a concept even though it’s quite widespread nowadays. Can’t wait to follow your trip – congrats again!

    • Yeah you are totally right. People cannot understand or grasp that I have a ‘real job’ because it is done online! Thank you Meg, thanks for stopping by

  • I wish I could make the move to full-time travel. As it stands, my kids attend school and my husband goes to work so I can only travel during school holidays. Because of the high airfares from South Africa to most other countries, we usually travel locally and go abroad only once or twice a year. I’ve been to a few of the countries that you will be visiting and they were great. You’ll have an amazing time.

  • I read your five months to takeoff plan, it was very inspirational. Good to that you have a plan to fund the dream. Even if you don’t get rich from travel, it’s an experience that you will never forget and, likely, never regret. You will see amazing places and meet all kinds of wonderful people. Enjoy the journey and see where life takes you.

    • Thanks for coming back and reading more about our plans. We appreciate all of the support we are getting. Totally right, we will be rich in memories and experience and that is exactly what we are after

  • I am retired and am using retirement money to fund our travels. The drawback? I had to wait til I was old to travel.

  • Being able to keep up your job full time as you work from anywhere is such a lifesaver. I have been able to do this from time to time and while stressful (not having a strong internet connection to take Skype calls is the WORST!) it is such a beautiful arrangement when it works. I also have really appreciated having enough in savings to really buffer us if things go wrong….or if we want to splurge, or take a last minute detour of our route. That savings (even if we don’t touch it) is such a great security blanket.

    • Thanks for your input Drew. We feel the same. The saving will just make us feel a whole lot better even if we don’t need it. And hey it’s a bonus if it stays there

  • I’m currently only using savings, freelancing and blogging; and trying to build some numbers first to break into social media. By the way, so happy that you’re planning to visit Malaysia. Using Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia as a base might work out cheaper as there are plenty of low cost airlines (esp AirAsia group) flying in and out of these 3 countries.

    • That is our plan. We would use Thailand as a long term base but I can only get a three month visa because of my job ☹️

      How do you find budgeting? Is it going well?

  • It’s great that you have thought of a few ways to keep some money coming in while you travel. I’ve travelled long term twice and now promote part-time travel. It can get tough but it is worth it for the experiences. You can pick up jobs on the road but I think the online work you’ve picked will be perfect. There are some great places on your list. Singapore and HK are my regions I manage at work and have travelled to twice this year already. If you need any tips, let me know!

  • These are great tips. It’s always nice to hear other travel bloggers saying the same thing as you because it proves that your on the right track. After reading posts like these I feel like I’m on the right track. Awesome. Great itinerary btw.

    • Yeah I understand that. It does help to solidify you plans and ambitions. Thanks – I need to update it as we have confirmed more accommodations now ☺️

  • Long term travel attracts me. I have to yet try it though. The choice of your country is great. You must have done a lot of planning to make it happen. I usually concentrate on 2-3 destination within one country at a stretch. I know I can do better.

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