How you can eat for free in Innerleithen

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Did you know you can eat for free in Innerleithen? The Tweedside Hotel offers a free enormous burger to anyone who takes part in their burger challenge and can complete the whole thing in time. The time limit is 30 minutes.

The Tweedside Hotel, or Middle Pub as it is also known is one of the best places to eat in Innerleithen anyway, so why not eat there for free?

What is so hard about that?

Think you have what it takes? Check out the monumental burger combination below.

How you can eat for free in Innerleithen
Now that is a challenge

The burger is something else, a delicious combination of burger, bacon, cheese and relish… and so much more.

How you can eat for free in Innerleithen
A view from the top

You have to clear the plate within 30 minutes to win the challenge, or it costs £25. You can take the challenge alone, or try to beat a friend. My brother took the challenge via Facebook live and failed miserably live to the world! Ha.

So where do I sign up?

You need to get yourself to Innerleithen. It is a small town in the Scottish Borders with plenty to do and see. Why not look up the Tweedside Hotel on Facebook and send a message proclaiming your ability to beat the challenge. You can also check out their website or book a night on to come stay and enjoy the area as well as your free burger!

What do you win?

Free food!! Nothing beats free food. But if that is not enough then you can have your picture added to the Burger Challenge wall and get a trophy. Hey maybe you will even be streamed live like my brother so you can show off your talents! Plus you want the honor of winning the coolest food challenge in Scotland right?!

Are you up to the challenge? Let us see who can actually win this challenge and eat for free in Innerleithen.


How you can eat for free in Innerleithen #travel #foodchallenge
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Can you complete the challenge and eat for free in Innerleithen ? #travel
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  • Wow! I’ve heard of such things but have never actually been to a restaurant where it is offered. I understand it is all in good fun, but not for me. I hate to think of people pushing themselves to stuff food in? Tummy ache central!!

  • This has to be one of the coolest challenges ever. Would definitely give it a shot by starving for a day, going for a long run in the morning and then hogging onto this after words.Though 30 minutes is cutting it too short. But who cares? It’s all for fun sake anyways.

  • Although there is no way I would be able to even get close to trying this challenge, my hubby might be a different story. He is medium build to look at but he has always loved his food. Winning would not be the goal so much as taking part and re-telling the experience later. We would probably film it for fun just as you have and to create a bit of a record of this different challenge.

    • Great idea Nicole! I don’t think I could even manage all of the sides and onion rings myself. We are going to take up the challenge soon and see if David can do it!

  • Sounds fun! The burger is real huge and the challenge sounds exciting would love to try it out 🙂

  • Too bad your brother didn’t win but good job to him for trying! 🙂 My friend participated in a similar contest but instead of a burger, it was a humongous sub. She didn’t win either. Haha

  • I am not a big eater so I will probably fail at this. But that burger looks yummy though, just not that size and I will probably take up the challenge. That is interesting marketing idea to be able to draw people into their restaurant!

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