Ibiza with kids

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Ibiza is well known as a massive party destination. Its Europe’s own Koh Phangan. We went to Koh Phangan last year for the Half Moon Festival and really liked it, and Ibiza really reminded me of Koh Phangan when there is no Full or Half Moon parties. Dead. Saying that, during low season it is probably the best time to enjoy Ibiza with kids.

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There is less (but definitely not zero) parties. We found people still partied a lot but we stayed a bit out of the main party areas and it wasn’t TOO bad. It was still rather annoying being woke up every single night though. If you want to enjoy Ibiza with kids then here is what you can do.

Go to the beach

We spent a lot of time at the beach, even though the water and wind were really cold during the first two days. The last three days were scorching hot and the beach was a lot more fun.

Ibiza with kids
One of the more rocky beaches

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In Ibiza we came across a few different types of beaches… rocky ones with a bunch of rock pools to explore (one of our favorite activities in Ibiza.) There were abandoned beaches and busy beaches. We loved them all. Though David was rather shocked with the ladies in thongs and no tops in Ibiza town! Ha.

Ibiza with kids
San Antonio beach in the hot sun

Take long and scenic walks

We walk a lot. We did a lot of walking on Ibiza too. There are amazing walkways right around San Antonio which make it easy to explore and especially easy with a buggy.

walking tour of San Antonio bay
Travis and David using the walkway

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Visit the Old Fort in Ibiza Town

Ibiza has an old town area which is surrounded by a huge Fort wall. You can go right up into it an explore but there is a lot of steps (at the side we found anyway) which would make it hard with a buggy. We decided not to climb it but enjoyed the play parks nearby and viewed the Fort walls from below.

Ibiza with kids
Travis climbing the Fort walls
Ibiza with kids
The swings by the Fort

Visit Parc de la Pau

This park is insane. It isn’t just a kids play park but a whole setup for the young, and older, alike to gather and enjoy days in the sun. We first came across it after we got off the bus from San Antonio as it was really close to the drop off area. We ended up sitting in a shaded grass area and explored the little pond and bridges for a while. We managed to get Travis down for a nap after checking out the fountain.

Ibiza with kids
Parc de la pau

We returned here later and Travis played in the huge play park with all the local kids.

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Eat by the Marinas and beaches

Both towns we visited had beautiful options for eating with glorious views of the water. You can let the kids go play in the sand at some of the places, while you enjoy a refreshing drink or dinner.

Ibiza with kids
Travis napping while we enjoy a Marina-side lunch

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