Three words to describe Iceland holidays

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I am a big believer that you cannot remember everything from a photograph. There are certain things that only words can describe and it is important to take note of that so you can remember those things when your brain gets old and stops working properly! Ha. I visited Iceland recently and wanted to make a note of three words that remind me of Iceland holidays. You can read more about what I done here.

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Iceland holidays are all about experiencing things. There is so much to do on this small-ish island that will blow your mind. If you did not know already, you can snorkel (or dive) between two tectonic plates in Iceland in some of the clearest water you will ever come across!

Check out this cool video about snorkelling Silfra. We were far too cold and under-prepared to take the GoPro in with us!

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Of course everyone has heard of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Its a natural hot spring which is completely luxurious and visited by so many people every year… Kim Kardashian had been there a few days before us! There are also multiple museums, cinemas showing volcano movies, puffin and whale watching… the list goes on and on!

Iceland holidays
David ready to Snorkel

Iceland holidays are Nordic

The word Nordic normally refers to the following countries;

  • Denmark
  • Greenland
  • Finland
  • Iceland
  • Norway
  • Sweden

I absolutely think of Iceland travel when the word Nordic comes up! To me it means seeing rustic buildings, lots of dark green trees and these is a cool, crisp breeze always in the air. Think of somewhere where you see ice on spiders webs and have to put on a hat to go outside! That is totally how Iceland feels. I always imagine coming across wooden cabins and log fires in the wild when I think of Nordic.

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Iceland holidays
Exploring the wintery wilderness


Iceland holidays
Rustic camp in the hills


Now, Iceland did not break the bank. Actually my flights were quite cheap thanks to EasyJet. The hotel was quite pricey for the amount of time we spent there and we found that food cost quite a bit too. A lot of the experiences mentioned above cost a lot compared to other countries too. I would say do not let it put you off going to Iceland, after all websites like Holiday Pirates often have cheap deals on Iceland holidays, especially for those from Scotland. The things you will see and do here are so worth the money, even if you can only manage a few days – do it!

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