Review: Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura

Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura
The hotel

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20 Responses

  1. We stayed downtown Reykjavik apartments very close to the city centre and as cheap as we could get for a family room

  2. Marcie says:

    That’s so weird that they put egg on your tuna sandwich. We usually make our carbonara with egg mixed in (but not a fried egg.) But, besides the food stuff, it looks like it was a really great location for what you wanted to do! We’re hoping to check out Iceland in the next few years, so this post was helpful!

  3. My buddy went to Iceland and he said that it is quite expensive to stay and travel within the country, even though it is quite cheap to get there with flight specials from the US. That is crazy that they charged you to use the pool at the hotel. I’ve never seen that!

  4. Joella says:

    Looks like you got a great deal on a decent hotel. Many positives like location and cost would make it ideal for many. Sorry the food situation was not great but considering it seems they took care of you.

  5. Haven’t visited Iceland as yet but this hotel doesn’t sound too bad. I haven’t yet stayed in a hotel that charged you to use their pool when you are actually a guest staying there! However it’s location seems pretty good and I love the photo you took of the broad area encompassing the hotel, city and the bay. Very nice.

  6. Anete says:

    Interesting post. I guess no matter how good the hotel is, there always is something good and something not perfect 🙂 Island seems like a great destination. What was your highlight from there? I deffinately will go there sometime soon and will consider this hotel as an option.

  7. Yukti says:

    Egg on tuna sandwich is really weird. Also you have to pay extra for pool which is not good. I like the hotel location as it is away from all noise of city.

  8. Only By Land says:

    Part of the fun of going to Iceland is choosing the hotel, which can be challenging with the hotel prices. Although there were some small problems with the pool and the eggs I’d definitely consider the Icelandic Air hotel on a future visit to Reykjavik, Iceland. It sounds like there was a real mix of clientele!

  9. Riely says:

    I have heard it can get quite expensive staying in Iceland. A bonus for you to receive free bus passes as I am sure that helped with your costs quite a bit and encouraged you to explore more. So odd that you had to pay to use the pool while you were staying there. I have never heard of this before. But it’s nice to know that transportation in Reykjavik is easily accessible. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I have read a lot of things about Icelandair hotel that I’ve seriously considered staying here for my much anticipated return to Iceland. The location is just stunning – what amazing views you got. And it’s good that they give out free bus passes too. That would be a good way to save on transportation!

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