The social network that got me 500 views in a matter of hours

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I have been experimenting with all types of social media to increase blog views. I have found most success with Facebook, and that makes sense since Facebook is the king of social media. All of us bloggers want to increase blog views though right? It becomes an obsession and we want to keep growing no matter what we manage to achieve.

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Our blog has been doing quite well and it hasn’t needed as much promotion through sharing in Facebook groups (I kind of forgot that was how I used to get my views because they kept coming in anyway.) I wanted to find a way to try and rocket up my views, and since I just cannot seem to master Pinterest (yet, I am working on it) I had a look at some lesser known alternatives.


Our views are quite steady each day. I could put no work into it and I know how many views I am likely to see. I have been working on getting more engagement and growing the views so I have seen small increases from different activities.

Finding new options


I began to use Flipboard after someone else posted an article of mine on there that went viral, and it worked quite well for me. It brings in a few views that I would not have otherwise. I was looking for something more dramatic though…

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I had heard about people going viral on Stumbleupon so decided to try it out for myself. This was the biggy I had been looking for. I signed up later on at night, when you’d expect activity to be low. I popped on around 10 articles before it stopped me being able to add more (something about adding too many from one domain can get a little spammy.) My views began to soar up right away.

increase blog views
The dramatic grow in the stats

Every refresh I did on my site I had more and more coming in right away. I had over 300 within an hour. I woke up the next morning and checked my stats and was surprised to see I had hit all time high scores on my daily views, and had over 500 people come in since I had slept just from Stumbleupon. What a nice surprise!

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The views are still trickling in from both Flipboard and Stumbleupon.  I need to work on my Stumbleupon profile, adding more variety to my likes, before I can add more articles – but I cannot wait to see my growth when I am able to add more.

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