Got a child? They need these lesser known injections for Thailand

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We planned our trip to Thailand so far in advance that we thought it would be impossible to get caught up in almost missing out on certain injections for Thailand. It turns out you cannot even order typhoid vaccine or Hep A vaccine until a toddler is at least two years old. This meant I was forced to call up when we only had two months left until we had to leave the UK.

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The ordering problem for Travis’ injections for Thailand

Since we were made to wait until two months before we left to order Travis’ vaccines it meant that we were pushing the time limits if it came to getting a lot of injections for Thailand. The bigger issue was that Hep A went out of stock everywhere in the UK making it impossible for the NHS to get a hold of one for him. I knew there were travel clinics in Edinburgh so I called them and agreed to pay for his Hep A vaccine.

edinburgh travel clinic

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The NHS managed to get him a Typhoid vaccination and he had that and his Hep A at the beginning of August.

The Travel Clinic

As I mentioned Travis had to get his vaccination for Hep A at the Edinburgh Travel Clinic. This meant we ended up paying for it when we should not have. We knew that travel clinics were notorious for trying to get you to take as many vaccinations as possible since it earns them a LOT of cash. For the three of us to get Japanese Encephalitis in Edinburgh it would cost roughly £400. It is not a necessity but we do want it and we found a safe and clean clinic in Bangkok offering it for around £40 for all three of us.

injections for Thailand
Make sure you have your child vaccinated

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The clinic also wanted us to consider a rabies vaccination, a second doe of MMR and the BCG (better known as the Tuberculosis vaccination.) Our NHS contact had not mentioned MMR or BCG and we would have gone on our travels completely oblivious that he was at risk there. My advice would be to get a second opinion always or check it out for yourself. Fit for travel is a great resource for this.

Why MMR and BCG injections for Thailand

Obviously on further investigation these are a risk in some of the countries we are travelling to. Your standard nurse may not know that you can get the second dose of MMR early meaning they will no longer need it at age 3. As for the BCG you need to be referred and assessed for it. In the UK you should look up your local Public Health contact, ours was in our local larger hospital. Give them a call and explain that you are going on a longer trip in some risk countries and need to be referred for the BCG vaccination. They will send you a form where you state which risk countries you are visiting and for how long.

injections for Thailand
You never know when they might scrape their knee or lick a stone

Click here to see which countries are a risk

If you manage to get your child a BCG as one of the injections for Thailand then make sure you ask to get the BCG and MMR at the same time. Otherwise they need to be a month apart and this can be a problem if you have a strict time-frame.

So how many injections for Thailand was that?

Well your child needs to be up to date with all the vaccinations they usually get in the UK. At age two like Travis that means they have had three different appointments with sometimes up to three vaccinations. If you have a little red book you can check that they are up to date and what they have had.

injections for Thailand
It is a lot of jabs for a little guy but its best to be covered

They also need:


Hep A

MMR second dose

BCG (depending on NHS decision)


You should consider:

Japanese Encephalitis



The travel clinic should start your child a travel vaccine booklet so you can keep track of what they have had and when.

There are a lot of injections for Thailand and a lot of these you will need as an adult too. Just be aware of the MMR and BCG as a lot of NHS staff forget about this or do not even know that they are needed for South East Asia (and some of Eastern Europe.)

Did you know about these kids injections for Thailand? Our nurse didn't | vaccine | vaccination | Asia | South East Asia | Family travel | BCG | TB | MMR | Typhoid | Hep A
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Did you know about these kids injections for Thailand? Our nurse didn't | vaccine | vaccination | Asia | South East Asia | Family travel | BCG | TB | MMR | Typhoid | Hep A
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